Tania Botelho, Visual Artist in Houston, Texas

While checking out the Second Saturday at Sawyer Yards, I had the honor of meeting Ms. Tania Botelho a Visual Artist.  Ms. Botelho is a married, (sorry guys) and has one dog. When I asked Tania her advice for aspiring artist she answered, Believe in your work, do not feel down with critics, do not feel vain with praise and be obstinate as art will demand a lot of work from you!!”

“Art is my weapon and I want to use it as a way to speak for the minorities that can’t speak or don’t know how to do it for themselves.”

Can You see Me?

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Harbor Point Park in Aransas Pass, Texas

After meeting up with my niece in Corpus Christi about her upcoming wedding, it was sadly time to head home…but wait…I saw a sign for a park….(swerve….) so let’s visit Harbor Point Park in Aransas Pass, Texas!  I’d say it was “on the way home” but only if you plan on a round-about way…oh well…still…

What an awesome park for fishing!

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Time For A Mini Road Trip and Buc-ee’s

My beautiful, and perfect in every way, niece is getting married at the end of September! I absolutely adore her and yea, also her wonderful fiancée! He’s the perfect choice for her and vice versa – what a HUGE blessing! Anyway, that said, lots to still do to prepare for the big day! So Saturday afternoon I headed off on a mini road trip to Corpus Christi, Texas to see the venue which is gorgeous, and help organize some of the details.  If I had my car, I could make it there easily in 3 hours but my car’s air conditioning went out the day before, of course :), but I was lucky enough to be able to use my ex’s work truck instead that DOES have a/c – a MUST here in Houston in the summer, but the little Toyota truck doesn’t go very fast (probably a good thing as I tend to have a lead foot) !

Off I go…but every road trip you have to do pit stops and Buc-ee’s is a great stopping point and like their funny billboard say…they have super clean restrooms, even won Cleanest Restrooms Award by Cintas’ nationwide! – but wait…there’s more….

Stopped at the Buc-ee’s in Wharton, Texas on Hwy 59
Buc-ee’s is gianormous!!! (guessing each location has around 60+ gas pumps and 80 restrooms)

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Lynn Hogan – Encaustic Artist at The Silos in Sawyer Yards, Houston, Texas

Today’s featured Artist is Ms. Lynn Hogan. I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Hogan at one of the recent “Second Saturdays” at Sawyer Yards in The Silos Studios.


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Russian General Store in Houston, Texas

Today I had the pleasure of entering the Russian General store in Houston, Texas and having the chance to sit down and speak with Mr. Alexander Kogan while his business partner, Ms. Anna Levitin tended to the business, they have shared for over 20 years! Ms. Levitin is a bit shy and didn’t wish to be photographed, although you’ll have to trust me that she is quite the attractive lady!  Smart as a whip too according to Mr. Kogan! I think he feels a bit badly that she’s been taking on so much more than her fair share of the work load since he became ill as he mentioned his gratitude more than once toward Ms. Anna Levitin.  Very touching to see these two friends in business together still after so many years.  What a team!

Mr. Alexander Kogan – Partner/Owner of The Russian General Store
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Random Shots Around Houston

Time for a photo “roundup”… it’s so unique to Houston to be able to have a bustling city atmosphere and then 3 minutes later see Longhorns – gotta love Houston! 🙂 


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Three Dimensional Visions and Carol Simon Studio in Houston, Texas

I’d like to call my guests today the Queens of Glass! Meet Ms. Sally Pennington Moore, Artist and Owner of Three Dimensional Visions and Ms. Carol Simon, Artist of Carol Simon Studio.  You’ll soon see why I want to call them Queens of Glass!!!

Sally Pennington Moore, Artist and Owner of Three Dimensional Visions with “Summer Skies”-Artist, Patrick Kerry Brown

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