Like it? Hate it? Virtuoso – Funky, weird and I love it!

Whether you like Houston’s Virtuoso or hate it…you can’t miss it!

I’ve admired this sculpture of David Adickes each time I’ve hurried past it whenever I go downtown.  Until recently didn’t even know it was an Adickes piece…I SHOULD have known just based on his Beatles and giant President’s Heads! In the 80’s the developer for Houston’s Lyric Center Building commission Adickes to create some sort of music, dance, etc. artwork.  Mr. Adickes came up with this Cellist that is 36 feet tall and Houston got to see it in 1988.  The back of the piece shows musician’s playing the flute, violin and bass.  You can visit it at 440 Louisiana St. in Houston.  There’s a classical soundtrack that is supposed to play softly but either it’s broken or I’m too deaf to hear it…either is possible 🙂 I personally, love the floating head and hands and think that makes it have that dreamy quality.

Like it?

Hate it?

What are your thoughts?

What’s your favorite piece of art and where does it live?

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