USA Travel Advice Needed – New York City, Colorado, California, ideas?????

Welcoming vacation ideas in the USA – help!

HELP!!! Those of you that have gone to some cool places in the US – I need your advice!!!
Trying to decide where to vacation for 5-7 days! I seldom have the $$$ or time to take a trip outside of Texas, so I’m trying to decide where to go. Two years ago my daughter and I celebrated her 30th and my 50th in New York City! It was a dream come true that we had discussed some 2 years or so earlier while sipping on drinks at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Still can’t believe we went and all the fun we had!!! We planned it just right so we would be there when all the Christmas decorations would be up. The trip was WAY beyond our wildest dreams!!! It started when we met our flight attendant, Robert of jetBlue – we got our “flight wings” (yes, the kind kids get but I’m just an older kid :), he kept giving my daughter free beer (I had an active DVT in my leg at the time, so no booze for me). We met an incredible young lady at our hotel who we still chat with who really went above and beyond to welcome us – including a GIANT cupcake and balloons in our room upon our arrival! Yep, we sat on the REAL Santa’s lap at the Macy’s on 34th street. A cab driver fell head over heels with my daughter and a 10 minute cab ride to go see the Apollo ended up being about 5 hours instead and he wouldn’t take a cent – I had to literally throw money into the cab when we left!!! He showed us all around the city and would take our photos in front of places and show us secret places with the best views,etc. He even BOUGHT us (her)(ha!) an umbrella when it started to pour down rain while we went to see the Statue of Liberty! I can’t even BEGIN to tell you all the places he took us!!! Can you envision a FIVE hour personal tour of NYC?!! It was amazing!!I could literally write a BOOK on our time there!! Many people told us before we left how rude New Yorker’s were….we surely NEVER EVER experienced even one rude person – quite the opposite!!!

Anyway, that leads me to today….part of me is dying to go back and see so much more, maybe even stay in Chelsea this time and bring my camera this time instead of just my cell. Then again, Colorado with all the mountains, snow, nature – well, not something I can see here for certain and my daughter and her new hubby went recently and wow does it look spectacular and like a photography dream and so peaceful!!! Then there’s California; San Francisco seems pretty nice but maybe too pricey?

So what do you recommend? I’m totally open but don’t want to be in any heat like Texas!!!

Thanks for your suggestions in advance!!!

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