Books: Electronic, Audible or Paper?

What are your top 3 book recommendations?? Paper, Electronic or Ear Driven?? 

I have to say I was inspired by The Mexi Movie’s blog after reading her About Me section – go check out her blog too!

As a child, I once got in trouble when first learning to read – I always wanted to read a different kind of book than “Run Spot Run” type of book.  I’d argue with my Mom that “normal people don’t talk like that”, and it was boring! Good thing both parents were avid readers and explained I HAD to read the books the teacher said to read in order to become a better reader, BUT I could also get my own books at the library as long as I read the school ones.  Great – but as a painfully shy little girl, although I loved reading…I would rather take a failing grade than give an oral book report, this started to hamper my reading enjoyment too as I began to associate reading with stress!!! My 5th grade teacher, (whom I reached out to as an adult to thank profusely), changed all that for me and I was allowed to do my oral book reports with only her or could choose to write my report! We even had a contest to race across the room with a string that was strung in a zig zag pattern along the ceiling of the classroom with clothes-pins holding our names based on how many pages we had read and it was a “race” to get to the finish line! Funny, I still remember that and how it made this noncompetitive little girl competitive! Thus, my love for reading!

My eyes are pitiful now, (transitional lenses help but still not that great), so although I do love reading, it’s become easier for me personally, as a result, to use the kindle or but it concerns me that soon we won’t be able to get a “real” (physical, paper) book and that to me, is a shame.  Yet sure is wonderful to drive to work and back (about 40 minutes each way) and have someone tell me a story using my subscription! Makes it soooo much more enjoyable dealing with traffic! My Kindle is great for lunch time at my desk sometimes and waiting at the doctor’s office, etc. However, any chance I can find to give an actual book as a gift I take in order to do my part to keep actual bookstores alive 🙂 

Gosh, I’m just a chatterbox today! (Sorry!). Ok, so my favorite books are:

Jonathan Carroll’s Sleeping In The Flame and pretty much any of his books!  What a nice, funny and engaging guy too! Met him once at the first booksigning event I ever attended in Austin back when my Dad was alive. 

Pretty much anything by Harlan Coben but the first book of his I read hooked me which was Deal Breaker. He’s also a cool dude in person and once again, met him at a Houston booksigning.  (Love the fact my Dad TOLD me WHEN and WHERE we were going and to put it on my calendar to come pick him up!) 🙂 

Having Our Say:  The Delany Sisters ‘ First 100 Years by Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany and Amy Hill Hearth is definitely a top 3 for me!

Haven’t found a bad Jodi Picoult book yet either but no particular favorite. 

My question today is, are you fans of paper, audible or electronic books?

What’s your top 3 book recommendations?

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  1. Oh, you told me back then under my booklist that I’d inspired the post for the next day, but only now I have come to see it. The pingback didn’t work because you linked to the homepage, not a specific post. Anyway, I’m glad I inspired you even if you didn’t get many answers to your questions. 🙂 I know, getting reading people is getting harder and harder. As it is, I now mostly read on my e-reader but am still getting printed books as well. As for audible, I have not listened to a single one, not my style. This post is marked as ‘image’ but I cannot see any photos. It might be that my computer is playing tricks though. Thanks again and be well!

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