Naskila Gaming-Alabama Coushatta Tribe Gambling Fun – Livingston, TX

I seldom gamble because honestly, I can’t be throwing away my money which is the mindset I think one must have to go on a gambling trip – that you’re ok to lose a designated amount as entertainment. Anyway, when I woke up I had no idea I’d be playing slots! My intention – drive to check out Lake Livingston – somehow I always end up detouring when making plans!!!  Then, I saw a billboard for Naskila gaming and had no idea it even existed! (Can we say Attention deficit Disorder-yep, that’s me (for real)!…turned the car in that direction). Thought we Houstonians had to drive to Lake Charles, Louisiana to gamble but nope – since it’s on the Alabama-Coushatta tribe grounds it’s ok.  Well, for the moment at least as The State of Texas is trying still to close it down but for now…cha ching! When I arrived, I was greeted by a very nice lady who even helped me get the contact information for nearby Johnson’s Rock Shop that I had wanted to visit.  To the right of the  friendly lady with the beautiful salt and pepper long hair (not ugly white like mine until dye eliminates that white!), was a guy singing All My Ex’s Live in Texas…nice way to enter any venue…friendly faces and good music! The venue itself is tiny, a little restaurant and gift shop and 365 slot/”bingo” machines with a smoking and non-smoking section.   While you play, a staff member will come by offering paper cups with straws of soft drinks.  I had a great time and played the penny slots for about 2 hours and only lost about $2 and that includced tip money for the drinks.  Fun time had by me – of course winning a million dollars would have made it even better but trust me, losing $2 – I consider that pretty good for 2 hours of random, unexpected fun 🙂 and really nice staff (didn’t encounter one rude person there!) – I’m big on good “customer service” – 5 stars for their team! Next time, I’ll see what else is available at the Alabama-Coushatta tribe area….maybe I will actually make it there instead of another detour 🙂

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Max and his human, Elizabeth


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