Is Everything BIGGER in Texas?

Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville Texas by David Adickes

To illustrate the ginormous size of this statue look now at the people for perspective…

Sam Houston Proudly Welcomes You to Huntsville, Texas ... Howdy!
Sam Houston Proudly Welcomes You to Huntsville, Texas … Howdy! (sculpture by David Adickes), who also did The Virtuoso in downtown Houston and grew up in Huntsville.

Although Sam Houston was born in Virginia in 1793, he arrived here in 1832. He joined the movement of the US settlers vs. the Mexican government. He then became a Commander of the local army.   Sam Houston was also at Washington on the Brazos when independence was declared on March 2, 1836. Then on April 12th at San Jacinto, his men secured Texas independence by destroying the Mexican army and capturing its  Mexican president Santa Anna. He also was a slave owner, I guess that was the atmosphere then – still, after reading that I cringe!! He was also the first elected President of Republic of Texas in 1836.  Actually, today is his birthday but in 1793. So there’s a quick bit of Texas history. Bummer finding out about the slave part though 😦 but I read he was opposed to the expansion of slavery in the new territories – still not sure about that – what’s ok for him but not others? Odd! He was married three times (once more than me ha ha) and had 8 kids (wow….6 more than me!) Wonder if he changed any of their diapers??? He was also known to drink heavily and was a little too fond of the ladies. He died in Huntsville July 26, 1863.  So there ya have it, the good, bad and ugly but Texas history none the less.

Sam Houston Monument at Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas
Sam Houston Monument at Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas
Kinda funny – too bad they didn’t have spell check available 🙂
Just thought this was pretty
Makes me wonder what happened that he died so young


PS It’s my personal belief that Texas also has the biggest, gross cockroaches…those nasty tree roaches! But I love my state anyway 🙂

Happy Trails!

Elizabeth and her co-writer pup Max 🙂

Ok, so maybe not EVERYTHING is BIGGER in Texas but I’m DEFINATELY cuter than that statue!!!



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