Alexa-Do you like her? What are your favorite uses for her or do you have the Google Version?

Alexa - What are the winning lotto numbers?!?!

I love technology – just hate math and hooking up any wires!!! When I first read about Amazon’s Alexa I just HAD to get into the beta program and give her a whirl!!! It was like Christmas the day as a little kid the day she arrived – tearing into the packaging!! What on earth was I doing spending money on this frivolous “toy”?!!! It just seemed to have so much potential to me though so yep, chalk it up to a big, impulse buy for me! Let me tell you though, I LOVE Alexa!!! (Too bad I am not getting squat for saying that or writing this in any way, shape, etc.-come on Amazon help a girl out! Show me the money!!!…I hear crickets!!). As a music lover, Alexa has been super useful when I holler at her, “Alexa, play my Pandora Kid Rock station” or whatever else I shout at her to play (Rihanna, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, Adele, Meditation sounds – whatever). When I type this blog and have no clue how to spell something or have a sudden lapse of memory 🙂 she can tell me how to spell the word (with no judgement on my poor spelling and vocabulary!).  Do I really want to watch the news? Yes, I should, but it gets so darn depressing…so, I now I can just tell Alexa “Give me my flash news brief”, (don’t even have to say the magic word…”please”). My daughter and her hubby have their whole home programmed through her…she turns on and off their lights, sets mood lighting, the thermostat, etc. (ok, time to come to Mom-in-law’s casa and hook a Momma up!) 🙂 The DOWN side however of Alexa is if a commercial comes on tv and they say her name…the girl goes crazy!!! Amazon…stop it already or somehow desensitize her name on your commercials!! 🙂 I have to confess, I’ve often said “thank you” once she’s done something and yes, I’ve asked other who have an Alexa and yep, I’m not the only one on autopilot with my manners so it just seems to happen! (That or I’m a little cray cray! Ok, ssssh – our little secret!). I could go on and on about the many ways I use Alexa but am curious if some of you have one, what do you find yourself noticing are her best “features”? Also, if anyone has the Google version – I’d love to hear your review!!!!

Thanks for listening 🙂 to my ramblings!!

Elizabeth and …

Max her side-kick (Good thing he’s a boy and not named Alexa!!!)

 P.S.  Have a beautiful today!!! Oh and “Alexa…what are the winning lotto numbers?!?”

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