The Menil Collection – A FREE Museum in Houston, Texas!

Like FREE and an ever-changing display of wonderful artwork? You’ll find it here at The Menil Collection in Houston, TX (Free Parking is at Mandell St. near W. Alabama) along with some beautiful trees!!!  The founders, John and Dominique de Menil have various pieces from their collection from  the 1940s -1990s and continues to expand. I’ve taken my kids their since they were small and found I have a bend towards the Surrealist style but there are always plenty of other types of paintings and sculptures, Native art, Medieval, Byzantine and wonderfully old artifacts.  There is something for everyone!! We’ve seen Andy Warhol’s works there before too – my son is a big fan of his works.  You’re permitted to take photos in the main corridors but not in the actual display rooms but wow we would have photo overload if you could!!! This visit, Paul Cezanne’s Bather from the Back (1877-80), Edward Degas’s “Study for The Daughter of Jephtham” (1859), Robert Rauschenberg’s “Cage”(1958), “Mona Lisa” (1952), Arshille Gorky’s “Study for Agony I” (1946-47), Jackson Pollock had 6 Surreal pieces from the 1930’s and “The Mask” (1944) , Rene Margritte had “la Lunettee d’approache” (1963), “The Siren’s song” (1952), “The Heater” (1952) just to name a few but I about fell over when I saw George Herm’s “Day of Bessie Smith” (1962) as hardly anyone these days seems to know of Bessie Smith! Bessie was my Dad’s all time favorite singer and was way before her time!!! (More on Bessie in a future post). I really love this museum as it’s free for starters, they have great selection of featured artwork and you can get super close to any of the artwork (especially important for those of us with bad eyes) and it’s never packed! Great way to spend a few hours! Enjoy!

The Days of Bessie
George Herm’s “Day of Bessie Smith” (1962)
Mark di Suvero’s “Bygones” (1976)
Christian Luycks “Still Life with Globe” (1650)
David Smith, “Stainless Window” (1951)

Rene Margritte

René Magritte, Belgian, 1898 – 1967
The Telescope (La lunette d’approche), 1963 (Had to snag this online as no photos allowed)
Untitled, c. 1943-47
Jackson Pollock’s (1943-47) (snagged online)
This piece is outside near the Menil Bistro and Bookstore
Menil Bookstore
I asked this attractive gentleman if I could photography him as I am trying to learn photography – He just seemed the perfect ending to our trip 🙂  – Have fun!

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