It’s not Houston without the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! (Photo overload!!)(Carnival and Food)PART I of II

Every year since 1932, Houston hold’s the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Since then, it has given $430 MILLION to Texas kids.

(Taken from The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s website)


  • Scholarships: $14,272,000
  • Graduate Assistantships: $525,400
  • Educational Program Grants: $3,614,360
  • Junior Show Exhibitors/Calf Scramble Participants: $7,653,750
  • TOTAL: $26,065,510

“The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was organized for charitable, educational and scientific purposes to encourage and promote the breeding, raising and marketing of better livestock and farm products at public fairs and to promote and maintain research and educational functions within the livestock industry.”  

This year I just decided to check out the Livestock Show and Carnival and skip the rodeo. My post was filled with so many photos, I broke it down to Food and Carnival, then Part II will be inside the Livestock Show area. No Rodeo photos yet as I’m still undecided.

$10 will get you entrance to the Houston Livestock Show and the Carnival.  Note:  The gentleman with the black hat is one of MANY volunteers that you’ll find doing various tasks throughout the event – VERY nice of all these folks to volunteer!!!
Even Reliant Energy (one of our local power companies), gets into the annual event!
Upon your arrival you can head in the direction of the giant boot or…go to the mega tent with all the food options.  I know it gets crowded fast so….
A passerby said I HAD to get THEIR funnel cake…well, you know I didn’t want to be rude right?!! I just didn’t have the guts to try the “Fried Desserts”.
He was telling the truth for sure! Yum! (One Funnel Cake and Coke – $11.00)
Of course this was another option but I passed on it.
Yep…Fried EVERYTHING!!!! On to the Carnival next….
Even the benches are Texas themed!
You can ride this and be Superman!
Within the hour everything was packed!! Early bird gets the best Carousel Horse!!
Seeing the little kids all decked out in their Rodeo gear is the best part!!!

The little kids (and this big kid…me) enjoyed the petting zoo but the Kangaroo is certainly random and not exactly “Texas like” but still – super adorable!!

Cute place to stick your hand under the horses chin to activate the water to wash your hands afterwards (preferably before too) and cute places for photo ops with the kids throughout the event.

Different local schools compete in all kinds of agricultural projects like this planter box.
Yes, it’s March 19th and 81 degrees so the flying swings are a good way to cool off.
Old fashion fun!
Now we “Texans” don’t typically ride around on camels but…sure is fun for the kids!!
Yes, the crowds are slowly arriving!
The Houston Astrodome is right next door! Opened on April 9, 1965 to a sell out crowd of 47,879 for the exhibition game of The Houston Astros vs. The New York Yankees, it was the world’s first multipurpose domed stadium for sports.  It’s often referred to as “The Eight Wonder of The World” but sadly its hey day was over in 1999.The 18 story Dome was also used as a shelter for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans, LA) in 2005 – an estimated 25,000 called it home at that time!  I miss the Dome aka “The House of Pain” back in the day when the Houston Oilers played there! (Yes, I am THAT old :)) Oh, it was also the first sports venue to have artificial turf rather than grass…thus….”Astro Turf”! We had the first animated scoreboard too called “Astrolite”.  The dome is 18 stories high. Mikey Mantle hit the first home run of the Dome too. Judy Garland was the first artist to perform their too for a sum of $43,000 for one show. Just a little Dome trivia thrown in 🙂
My Ariel shots
No way would I bungee jump from a crane!!!
The tea-cup ride is more my speed!


I wasn’t kidding about Fried EVERYTHING!!!
Love these cows!!

Stay tuned for PART II and thanks as always for visiting!

Elizabeth and Max



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  1. We love Rodeo Houston! Our daughter showed Brahma heifers in high school…much to our surprise! She had grown up going down to our place in East Texas, but had never had an animal of her own. We live in a suburb of Fort Worth and the FFA program at our high school is huge! She had two Brahmas during that time and showed them at the Fort Worth Stock Show, Houston, San Antonio, State Fair and all over the place at small shows. It was so much fun and we made so many new friends. We have always gone to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and our daughter/son-in-law are very involved in volunteer positions for the duration of the show. The stock show is such an important part of Fort Worth’s heritage. Anyway, when she showed at San Antonio…she and other friends participated in the Calf Scramble. My husband and I were so excited and sort of scared for her… so the video he took was of the ceiling of the arena!! She caught a calf, but we just have regular pictures of the event!

    1. How cool!! My friend’s daughter showed her pig this year. That too funny about the video! My daughter did the same thing at my Grand niece’s track event when crossing the finish line we have clouds only!!:)

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