Crazy, Odd Exhibit at The Museum of Fine Art in Houston, TX – Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck Exhibit at The Museum of Fine Art Houston Texas

If you live in Houston and are planning to visit this exhibit STOP READING this post now!! I wouldn’t want to ruin any of its surprises :).

In truth, I never heard of Ron Mueck before, but I had seen some advertisements for the “hyperrealistic” artist and the latest exhibit by him at The Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston, Texas.  It looked odd but interesting so off I went! Turns out Mueck is Australian born to German parents who were interestingly toy makers so he grew up making puppets and such-even did work with Jim Henson. You’ll also find his creations in Labyrinth and The Storyteller movies – who knew?! (Not me!)  He worked in TV and film in the US and London prior to switching over to art in the mid 1990’s. I have to say, this is unlike anything I have ever seen – they are all so life-like its bizarre to experience!! Enjoy!

Young Couple – 2013

Untitled (Seated Woman) 1999
Crouching Boy In Mirror (1999-2002)
Two Women (2005)
A Girl (2006)
Had to get the other visitors in the shot to show the SIZE!!!


Still LIfe (2009)
Youth (2009)
I didn’t want to completely freak out any of you that may have been reading while drinking hot coffee, but had I posted this photo from the OTHER angle you would have seen a VERY detailed view of this sculpture including the baby’s still attached umbiilcal cord to both mother and child.  While I wouldn’t care as it IS art…I wouldn’t want readers to spill their coffee 🙂 as her anatomy is very correct!
Couple under an umbrella – 2013


The detail is amazing!!


Stay tuned for more adventures and as always, I appreciate your comments and reading!


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