Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve Grand Opening!

Saturday, April 1, 2017 was the Grand Opening of The Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve at 20215 Chasewood Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77070.  It’s an 80 acre park with approximately 40 of the acres being Marshall Lake.  There is a nice, wide, paved 1.7 mile trail that surrounds the lake along with beautiful trees. Various members of Harris County Precinct 4 worked diligently with the help of Prestonwood Forest Utility District and the generous land donation by Vincent Kickerillo and Kickerillo Companies and Walt Mischer, Jr., Mischer Investments. Harri County Commissioner of Precinct 4, Mr. Jack Cagle was instrumental in getting this project completed along with Dennis Johnston, Harris County Precint 4 Parks Administrator, Jim Robertson and so many more that were mentioned at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that I couldn’t remember everyone – but thanks to all!!!

I had never been to a Preserve or Park’s Grand Opening so I decided this would be a first! So happy I went! There were free Pontoon Boat rides around the lake, free canoe rides, Multiple passenger Golf Cart rides around the 1.7 mile trail, cookies, sodas, water, food trucks, scavenger hunts and booths illustrating more about our parks, etc.  I was fortunate enough to ride the second Pontoon boat I believe and had a super nice guide telling us more about the park and future plans including its’ eventual connection to the 100 Acre Wood Preserve.  He said an alligator, bald eagle, beaver and lots of birds have already been spotted.  I believe he was also a part of “Trails as Parks” which I plan to further explore as apparently if you can gather a group of 10 or more you are really able to capitalize on their services such as the pontoon boat ride, etc.

Anyway, had a blast – here’s the photos!


Marshall Lake and the Pontoon boat (waiting for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to begin).
Food truck were ready for the celebration.
Here’s the layout of the new park
The Scouts presented our flags to kick off the Grand Opening
Plenty of folks showed up for the Grand Opening
Dennis Johnston, Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Administrator – you could see his passion towards this project and dedication.
R. Jack Cagle, Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner showing off the Park’s new patches designating the Park stripe. I will say Mr. Cagle was quite the entertaining presenter.
Walt Mischner, Jr. and R. Jack Cagle
Vincent Kickerillo, who was pretty darn funny and R. Jack Cagle
Kevin Roberts, State Representative for House District 126 and his pretty wife, Hollie.  He and his wife seemed like very nice people.
Let’s cut that ribbon and officially open this Preserve!
Marshall Lake – taken while on the 1.7 mile track tour


I’m ready to ride!
Here we go!
I feel awful that I neglicted to get this nice gentleman’s name, but he was a wonderful guide! You can tell how much he loves his job too!! Nice to hear that!!
Booths set up to schedule the Pontoon rides, Golf Cart Trail Tours and more activities.  All of the booth folks were extremely nice and helpful!
Lots of people opted to try canoeing and these two gentlemen were VERY patient and sweet helping everyone get in without tumbling over 🙂

Thanks to everyone for the Grand Opening but more importantly, another great park and Preserve!

Until next time…thanks for visiting!!

Elizabeth and Max (he said it was too hot out for him to tag along-he’s such a spoiled little pup! 🙂 )

YouTube by Spring Aerial Photography


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    1. Erin-You’re too kind…I think Houston’s so big I’d have to be a professional photographer and certainly a better writer but I sure would love to travel any/everywhere almost!!! What a kind and sweet compliment though – thanks so much!!! 🙂 You made my day!

      1. All they can say is no. Just put it out there and see what happens. At worst, maybe someone will share a link to your blog or do an article about what you are doing.

      2. Maybe you could put a calander of upcoming events on your blog so people can go there to find out what’s happening.
        Do you have any business cards? Make some up. I use Vistaprint, they’re really affordable. Get peoples names when you take their photos and pass out business cards with your name, name of your blog, site address. Put Photographer and Blogger under your name.
        People love to see photos of themselves and will visit your blog site.
        Just build it up, make a name for yourself.
        You can certainly do it.

      3. Funny you said this as I did recently get some vistaprint business cards made but need to remember now to hand them out 😄now! I actually am going to do a page I think with other sites that do a way better job than I could do of upcoming events as that is a great idea!!! Thank you soooo much!!! Gosh I really appreciate it!!!

      4. Hotels are a great way to market your stuff. Print out some articles and drop them off with business cards. It looks like you are finding and keeping up with events anyway.
        Just keep writing and taking photos, both will evolve as you go along. Check out travel/ tourism blogs in other cities and states to get ideas.
        Okay, I’m done. That’s all of my ideas.

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