The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas

Welcome to The Museum of Fine Arts here in H-town! Come see what it has to offer on this visit with me!  The above photo is of the “The Light Inside” the colors change every few minutes.  The museum does a fine job of getting great exhibits along with housing the permanent exhibits.

You’ll find this Joan Miro piece outside the front of the museum.  (1968-81) Titled Oiseau (Bird) (Note:  Houston also has another, colorful Miro piece in downtown Houston called Personage and Birds located in front of the JP Morgan Chase Building)
You’ll see Warhol in the lobby area of the entrance
Interested in this kind of thing – here ya go!
Jackson Pollock’s “Number 6” (1949)
Franz Kline’s “Orange and Black Wall” (1959)
Willem De Kooning’s “Figure in a Landscape” (1966)
I LOVE this piece by Louis Comfort Tiffany made by Tiffany Studios!!!! It’s stunning! “A Wooden Landscape in Three Panels” (1905)
Arthur B. Carles’s Untitled (Cubist Still Life) (1935)
Bet you can guess???…Georgia O’Keeffe’s “From Pink Shell” (1931)
Abraham Bloemaert’s “The Gateway to a Town” (1630) – Hard to imagine this is soooo old!!!
What’s a museum without Vincent van Gogh? “Cottage” (1885)
Pablo Picasso (One of my personal favorites) “Woman With a Large Hat” (1962) (Here he portray’s his second wife, Jacqueline Roque.
“The Corn Poppy” by Kees van Dongen (1919) I just think is sort of mesmerizing for some reason. Maybe I just like her hat and huge eyes.
Claude Monet – “Water Lilies (Nympeas) (1907)
Henri Matisse “Le Chant (The Song)” (1938)
Jean-Baptiste Oudry “Allegory of Europe” (1722) – I love the odd mixtures found in this painting – has a little something for everyone!
The Exhibit Cloth of Silk, Cloth of Color

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts! Let me know which are YOUR favorites!!!

Museum Conquerors,

Elizabeth and Max


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