Tomball German Heritage Festival

Tomball, Texas did it up right! What’s my favorite 4-letter word???? Yes, “FREE”… admission!! It was time for the Tomball German Heritage Festival.  I had never been but saw it advertised so…off I went.  Tomball is just a short drive from Houston but has that small town vibe to it.  As we were expecting severe rains I think many people thought like me and decided to visit on Saturday, April 1st instead of trying their luck on Sunday – that said, it was a full house! The Tomball German Fest was quite well-organized and even had a free shuttle service at nearby large parking areas – I choose the Lone Star College parking lot and had an easy time of it.


PS If you missed this one, not to worry…mark your calendars for their Tomball German Christmas Market on December 8-10, 2017

Entering this free and fun festival
Fun to listen the German tunes and watch the young people dance
The boys were particularly entertaining to watch but all of them were great!!
Bummer that he was out of Apple Strudel when I arrived but his breads looked yummy!
Really fun band!!
I was surprised at how elaborate their outfits all were.
What a great way to raise money for The March of Dimes! Thanks guys!
I was rather partial to the metal blue bonnet piece
I was still in search of Apple Studel at this point as I saw someone with one and that’s all she wrote for me! 🙂
I swear the young man on the left jumped even higher than this plenty of times- of course not when I hit the shutter button!!
I liked the wooden Pinocchio figure
These performers were a blast to watch!
Ok, I still hadn’t found the Apple Strudel but OMG these were AMAZZZING! Yep, unhealthy me!
They’ll be getting their audience to participate soon!
Another band here was encouraging the family’s to enjoy!
London bridge is falling down falling down…
Brave little bungee jumpers 🙂
It was fun to see how many of the crowd members dressed for the occasion!
Plenty of pups enjoyed the day too!
The vendor booths varied quite a bit and the prices were pretty reasonable


Gotta have carnival games!!
Until next time…..

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Elizabeth and Max (Max doesn’t “do” large crowds)

(YouTube by Carlhen100)

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  1. Hey HOUSTON! I know that your name is Elizabeth…but I just like to call you HOUSTON because it sounds cool! Ya know, I could say…so my friend Houston..(well, that just sounds really cool)

    This is an awesome post! I really enjoyed the photos and the video. Seeing that I’m laid up because of my knee, I feel like I actually got to go out out and do something…vicariously, through you.

    Thank you for the comment you made on my post, “Why Is It So Dark?” I couldn’t post a reply because some warning came up in the corner of my blog site, then I lost a few comments. It was weird.

    To be honest, I don’t even know how to get to the damn dashboard on WordPress. Do you have any idea? Could anyone out there please explain it to me. I know it’s like the command center of your blog, but I’ve only pulled it up inadvertently once or twice.

    And now I have some kind of threat that could post something over my blogs. Awesome. I have no idea what to do.

    So, if by any chance my next post is elderly bikers wearing tutus, just know that I’ve been hacked.

    My Life, I Swear!


  2. How do you do.
    Cool, cool…I especially like the Warsteiner Stage in your blog exhibit.
    Although where I’m from i.e., Denver, has a huge October German Fest, Warsteiner is a relatively unknown healthy (German Purity Law) beer here.
    That’s frustrating; given, my buddy Deb and I go through four 24 can Warsteiner suitcases a month. And, we’re paying about a dollar and a half a can.
    Thanks for your blog and pictures of Max. They’re all soooo fascinating and be cute!.

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