Canino Produce – Farmers Outlet in Houston, Texas – If you want fresh fruit at reasonable prices and stuff you may not find at your local supermarket – yep, tag along with me!

CANINO PRODUCE INC in Houston, Texas – a staple of Houston for fresh fruits and vegetables since 1958!

Upon your arrival, you will enter this wide, open plethora of fruits and veggies typically their prices are way less than in your traditional grocery store too! Canino Produce has been a staple in Houston for about a million years!!! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating …slightly…but since 1958 is a pretty long time…especially in Houston where it seems businesses are open one day and move locations or close the next.  Go Canino for staying power! Their address is 2520 Airline Drive, Houston, TX 77009.

Note:  While Canino’s accepts plastic payment, the other stalls in the back require cash so stop at an ATM before you go!

What a selection!!!
Plenty to choose from!
I’m such an idiot! I was so caught up in taking photos that I left empty-handed!!! I’ll be going back with plenty of room in my trunk!


The magical part…you walk through the Canino Produce store into this! Tons of vendors selling everything but mostly fruits and veggies.
Spices and dry goods there too!  Along with cookware!
I wasn’t even sure what all of the veggies and fruits are!
Lots of cool selections and it does get busy!!!
Doesn’t it all just look so fresh and inviting!


Lots of people were walking around eating these cute flower shaped fruits – mangos I think?
I wanted to just take a basket of each of these!!!
Get your heat on here!
Time to go and head to the next adventure!

Thank you so much for reading our little blog 🙂

Elizabeth and Max (patiently waiting for some banana!)

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