Strawberry Fields Forever and the Salvation Army????

What’s the connection with John Lennon’s 1966 hit “Strawberry Fields Forever” and the Salvation Army???

Turns out John Lennon would play with his friends when he was a small child in the trees and gardens behind the Strawberry Fields Orphanage in Woolton, England!  Who knew! The property was purchased by the Salvation Army in 1934 and opened as a children’s home on July 7, 1936 for about 40 girls.  Boys came into it later in years. Lennon apparently loved when the Salvation Army Band would play at their annual Garden Party.  The home closed in 2005.

London, England was the birthplace of the Salvation Army by a former Methodist minister and his wife, William and Catherine Booth in 1865.  In 1880 the Salvation Army came to America.

President Dwight Eisenhower ever declared “National Salvation Army Week” in 1954 each second week in May.

(YouTube Video by The Salvation Army USA)

All of us at least here in the USA, would probably first think of the Red Kettle’s to raise money at Christmas time when we think of The Salvation Army but there is SOOOOO much more!! The Red Kettle Campaigns began in 1891 when someone in San Francisco, CA set up a crab pot to get donations for the poor at Christmas time and it’s been a hit ever since! I personally love to hear the stories each year of crazy, huge donations found in the kettles!!!

SalvationArmy-Red Kettle

Did you know they were also hugely responsible for forming the USO during World War II to serve the armed forces who were abroad? Yep!

Did you know that you can easily donate to this fantastic program online with a one time, monthly, quarterly or annual donation in ANY amount?  If you’re on a tight budget, (like me ha ha), you can just enter your information one time and donate as little as $10 a month even! It doesn’t seem a lot but over a year it’s $120 so it does add up 🙂 – that’s the route I took a year ago as I have witnessed their works firsthand and know what a truly wonderful service they bring to sooooo many people to turn their lives around for the better and let them know they matter!


Some of the wonderful programs that help about 29 MILLION people a year:

Addiction Recovery and Correctional Care.  Meals and groceries, Food Stamp application help, Rent, Clothing, Household Items, Utility, Transportation, Medical, Veteran’s and Employment assistance. Emergency, Transitional and Permanent Housing.  For Youth’s there are After School Programs, Teen Drop-In Centers, Character Building Programs, Music Programs and Camps.  They also provide Disaster Relief Programs, Various Counseling Programs, Thrift Stores and Spiritual Programs.  But most of all they give people hope and about 83% percent of donations go directly to fund these programs so you know your donations are being well spent!

DISASTER- Truck in Indiana

(All photos were  provided courtesy of The Salvation Army) – A special thanks to MS. Sybil Monciváis Sánchez, Public Relations Manager and to all those hard working clients trying to better their lives and all of the dedicated Staff and Volunteers with The Salvation Army for helping change one life at a time!!

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