Not your typical “kid artwork” you stick on the fridge!

Today we’ll visit City Hall…no eye rolling people! No politics…I’m “Choosing Happy” today…some beautiful and unexpected artwork! Scroll on down for a very diverse collection of art! Enjoy!

Blown away by the incredible display of art from our TEENS!!!!! This piece just grabbed me!!
Guess I should show you what Houston’s City Hall looks like while I’m at it πŸ™‚

Ok, back to this fantastic hallway FULL of great rising star artists – All are local teens!!

Note: Β For those of you not living in Houston, we have a famous piece of graffiti on I-45 S, near downtown, off a train bridge that simply reads “Be Someone” and looks very similar to what this artist has portrayed on the top of this piece. Β Clever and I love it!!
Walking down the City Hall hallway you’ll see all sorts of impressive art by our Houston teens!


I loved seeing all the fantastic art and it was so crazy, good!! I wanted to show them all!

I feel this way if I am forced to read any instruction manuals – rather be daydreaming!!!
How elaborate and graceful! Just gorgeous!
The artist is Claire Chen and the piece is titled ” Paralyzed” – beautiful right?!


“Timeless” by Hai Yi Chan


But wait! There’s more!!! (Do I sound like an info-mercial???!!)

You still have time to take a look and bid
Really???? This artist is in 7th grade???!! Wow!
How great is this one by a 4th grader!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Me and my sidekick Max appreciate you all!!!

Elizabeth and Max

I’m hungry! Quit typing Ma!!!





33 thoughts on “Not your typical “kid artwork” you stick on the fridge!”

      1. TBH I thought Boston was a cultural hub. But you are showing Houston has a lot more to offer than Space Shuttle takeoff.

        P.S: I never been to States, so please ignore if I am wrong somewhere. Just read a lot of stuff, so know a thing or twom

      1. That would be beautiful! Now in Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine, they have a special action – world-known artists are painting big murals in the city! We’ve got some very beautiful and unique building now =D

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