HELP!!! Show A Fellow Blogger Our Love – It only takes a minute!

Hey Everyone-

I have a personal favor to ask…

Today, Ms. Erin Cooper Reed was a featured Guest Blogger for Mind Movies.  Erin is the talented, wonderful and funny writer over at one of my favorite blogs, and is ALWAYS so giving and kind to all of us in the blogosphere! Now is OUR turn to show Erin some love! I wanted to ask if you could all take just a few minutes to stop by and leave a comment here to show Erin our support.  It will take maybe 2 minutes – AND you get to read a fantastic, inspirational article! Congrats Erin! 

Thanks a million!

Elizabeth and Max

14 thoughts on “HELP!!! Show A Fellow Blogger Our Love – It only takes a minute!”

      1. What can I say YOU’RE THE BEST!! I have to take some time to catch up on your blog posts. Can’t wait! I’m going to check out Idealize also. Have you been to Cuchara Restaurant? We saw it on Diners, Drive-ins And Dives with Guy Fieri. When John and I come to Houston to visit we definitely want to eat there. Maybe you can do a little photojournalism magic in the mean time. Hint, Hint!
        Thanks you again for the reblog. I really appreciate it! <3
        Erin Cooper Reed

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