Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin Headlined The 10th Annual Bridgeland Nature Fest 2017

Photo:  (Above: Jeff Corwin holding an Echidna)

The crowds at the Bridgeland Nature Fest were all super excited to see this man!! Jeff Corwin of The Animal Planet.


Photo:  Jeff Corwin of The Animal Planet (Nice guy in person too!) – He stayed for photo’s and autographs for the crowds.

Mr. Corwin certainly brought out the crowds and after watching his performance I understand why! He did a fantastic job at capturing the attention of 3 year olds to old folks like me!


Photo:  Echidna

The Echidna’s are one of only two mammals that lay eggs – the Duck-Billed platypus is the other found in Australia. Another odd fact, Echidna’s have a 4-headed penis!  To mate, two of the heads shut down while the other two grow bigger to fit into the female’s two-branched reproductive tract. Males alternate the heads they use between matings. They are also toothless.  Yes, you heard it here folks – odd trivia of the day!

Photo:  3-Banded Armadillo held by Jeff Corwin

The 3-Banded Armadillo is the ONLY mammal covered with a shell.


When scared, the 3-Banded Armadillo will curl itself up into a ball like this (above).  They use their front, claws that are very sharp to dig into termite mounds to chow down on the insects. They use their claws to open tree bark too in order to eat beetle larvae-yum! 


Photo:  Brave little girl (Left) and Mr. Nick Bockelman, Zoo Keeper for TRG Exotics Wildlife Park (Right) (with the Albino Burmese Python)

This brave, unsuspecting little girl volunteered-I would have freaked out!  She stood in front of us all, her little eyes closed and waited to see what these men would put in her hands!!  She was absolutely fearless!  Jeff Corwin even added that she was unimpressed with him due to her complete lack of concern or fear!                                IMG_8487-1

Photo:  (Left to Right) Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet, Nick Bockelman, Zoo Keeper for TRG Exotics Wildlife Park, beautiful little girl holding the Albino Burmese Python, Troy Scott, Owner of TRG Exotics Wildlife Park.

See what I mean! Zero concern! Ah, the young!IMG_8498-1

Makes you wonder what this adorable little girl will be when she grows up – someone without fear for sure!


Photo:  Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet holding an Albino Burmese Python

Here Mr. Corwin shows us the vestigial remnants of legs/pelvic spurs of the Burmese Python.


Photo:  Mr.Troy Scott, Owner of TRG Exotics Wildlife Park with his Albino Burmese Python


Up close and personal! 


This cute little toddler was fascinated by the Burmese Python…but from a careful distance!


Photo:  Courtney Coritna Pineda, Owner of Wild Things Zoofari and brave volunteer, Clay Hartle as Mom, Elisa watched from her nearby seat.

Ms. Pineda of Wild Things Zoofari grabbed this charming volunteer out of the crowd to have him blindly try to tell what was in the bag. (I’m thinking Clay was way more lucky than the young lady above!!!)


Photo:  Clay Hartle with a kangaroo


Photo:  Courtney of  Wild Things Zoofari holding the cutest little roo!IMG_8117-1

Ms. Pineda must have some big muscles!! Pretty big eh?!


Photo:  Black and White Ruffed Lemur


Photo:  (Left)   Ms. Sofia Adalis holding a Tamandua (anteater) and  (Right) Gwen Scott with an Aardvark – both are with TRG Exotics Wildlife Park, Ms. Scott being Owner. 


Look at the odd hands and feet on this Aardvark!


Here we have a Porcupine (part of the rodent mammal world).


Porcupines are the 3rd largest rodent, right behind a beaver and capybara.  The porcupine image can also be associated with the Libertarian party (like the donkey for democrats and elephant for republicans).

Thanks for stopping over and Max and I always look forward to your comments!

Elizabeth and Max

P.S.  Stay tuned for scaly, slithering things and ducks



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  1. Oh my goodness… that snake! It’s so big, and that little girl is not scared of it! She is so brave – the rest of the animals are so cute, except for the snake lol.

      1. yes, kid’s will amaze you hey… even my daughter is always open to trying things and she challenges me to do so too. We as adults are mostly hindered by our experiences – things we see on the media

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