Skink!!! Fun with Crocodile Encounter!!

Crocodile Encounter put on a wonderful, educational and FUN show at the 10th Annual Bridgeland Nature Fest!!! The two gentlemen conducting the show were brilliant!! Their connection with the crowd of varied ages and their energy levels were fantastic!! 


Photo:  (Left), Mr. Leonard Brown, Zookeeper and Presenter for Crocodile Encounter, (Right) A lady with a great sense of humor!

This poor, unsuspecting victim was volun-told to go up onstage,  she trusted this nice, young man, Leonard with Crocodile Encounter!! Big mistake!!!….


Photo:  (Left) Wonderful, good sport lady, (Right) Mr. Andrew Austin, Zookeeper and Animal Handler.

Little did she know she was getting ready to be “kissed” by a HUGE Black Throat Monitor from Africa! She was such a fantastic sport!!! I probably would have broken my legs jumping off stage!


The photos don’t really do justice to the size of this Black Throat Monitor!! It was heavy though for sure!!!


We were then treated to see this Skink! Aka Blue-Tongued Skink from Australia…not to be confused with calling someone a skank!  


This young volunteer seemed to have ZERO apprehension sporting this Ball Python from Africa around his neck! Brave young man!!!


The red-headed lady and blonde were equally great sports but you could see the red-headed lady not exactly loving life! Well, you are WAY more brave than I!!! No way would I have a Burmese Python from Asia around MY neck!!! (I’m TERRIFIED of snakes so just literally SEEING the presentation was me overcoming a LOT of my fears!)


Photo:  Mr.  Andrew Austin, Zookeeper and Animal Handler for Crocodile Encounter holding an Alligator Snapping Turtle


Photo:  Alligator Snapping Turtle (not going to win any beauty contestant prize for sure!)


Photo:  Mr. Andrew Austin holding an African Spur Thigh Tortoise/ Sulcata Tortoise  


Photo:  American Crocodile


Photo:  Andrew Austin with an American Alligator


The “Great American Duck Races” was a huge hit!


Duckies, take your mark, get set…GO!


Duckie #1 looking strong in the lead!


And the crowd goes wild as Duck #1 takes the Duckie Gold Medal!

Ok, that wraps up the 10th Annual Bridgeland Nature Fest (2017) – hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for visiting and writing any comments!

Elizabeth and Max (Max is diligently working on his Dog Park post – stay tuned!)

P.S. A special Thank You to Mr. Leonard Brown for his assistance in helping me make certain to label the photos properly

12 thoughts on “Skink!!! Fun with Crocodile Encounter!!”

  1. Excellent work, I love the way you put the labels for each photo. Blue tongue lizard looks amazing to me. I am brave enough to hold a snake around my neck. But whether I will be comfortable that’s another issue.

    BTW love the red lady shades / sun glasses.

  2. Having had more than one encounter with large snapping turtles, I am in awe of the fellow holding one! They can snap a broom handle in two and can do some serious damage if not handled correctly. Kudos to him, but especial kudos to you for capturing all of this so brilliantly.

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