Good old Katy, Texas

Today we explore a city near Houston called Katy, Texas, founded in the 1890’s! So what do I think of when I think of Katy???IMG_9026-1

Trains! Katy used to be a real hot spot for railways back in the day!IMG_9028-1
Quaint little parks like this near the caboose above.


Not sure you can live in Katy, Texas and not be a HUGE fan of the Katy High School Football team!!! Go Katy Tigers!!!IMG_9057-1

I am so NOT kidding!!! Football IS The Katy Tigers!!!!  According to (Source: USA Today) “The new Katy ISD football stadium now has a name, Legacy Stadium, to go with its $72.1 million price tag. It is the most expensive prep facility in Texas high school history.” and “According to the Chronicle, the school board also approved naming the stadium’s field after former Katy football coach Mike Johnston, who led the Tigers over 22 years to five state championship appearances and three state titles.”


This sort of Katy Tiger Pride is EVERYWHERE!!! (Elementary-High School levels)IMG_9059-1

Now you understand the severity that is Football here in Katy!!!!IMG_9065-1

Another Katy, Texas staple is Brookshire Brothers grocery store.  It’s been there forever!!IMG_9050-1

Rice Dryers, Grain…just farming in generalIMG_9060-1

The cute old time country vibe! IMG_9052-1

Midway Food Market, near Katy High School has been around well over 40 years! They also process Deer for hunters. IMG_9048-1

Did I mention TRAINS?!!IMG_9023-1

Old trains and then you have these art pieces sprinkled around town too.  This is the Multiplicity Train.IMG_8986-1IMG_8989-1

Notice the train in the background.  The artist is Carrie Currie, this was for the “ALL ABOARD KATY!” public art with a purpose campaign.


Let’s get a better view of Ms. Currie’s work 🙂 IMG_8994-1

This park is enjoyed by many, especially photographers for a variety of shoots.  Katy will also often host events here – the park is small but beautifully kept!!!


Let’s go on a quick tour of these historic homes…I’ll save my fingers from typing/typo’s and allow you to read what’s already there 🙂 

IMG_8993-1IMG_9008-1IMG_9009-1IMG_9006-1 (1)IMG_9003-1




I absolutely adore these sculptures!!!IMG_9016-1IMG_9014-1

Some of Katy High’s famous attendee’s include:

Clint Black – Country Singer, Renee Zellweger – Actress, Andy Dalton – Football Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, Jorge Diaz – Football player for the both the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Terrence Frederick – Defensive back for the New Orleans Saints just to name a few!

Thanks as always to each and every one of you, whether long time visitors or this is your first time visiting Houston Photo Journey! Max and I appreciate each of you!!


Elizabeth and Max

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  1. Let it be known that I want a caboose! I’ve ridden in a couple and that cute little “top story” is perfect for a 360 degree view. Yes, if a caboose just happened to suddenly appear I would be the first one in it thinking how much fun it would be to make it into a tiny house. Of course, the exterior would remain untouched, but inside has potential. Yup, that’s it, I want a caboose!

  2. Wow such an old house, the durability of the houses back old times, are away ahead of our times.

    1899 shew that’s old.

    Plus looks like I can make a good bet with this team, such a small town I believe but concentrated heavily on football. Speaks about some serious dedication by the coach and players.

      1. Awww I like it too. BTW to whom I am chatting since it Elizabeth and Max both?

        Love to you both guys.

        P.S: No pictures of you both on the post. That’s not good 😉

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