German Gift House in Spring, Texas – How One Woman Accomplished Her Dreams!

Allow me to introduce Mrs. Ursula Sledge.  Mrs. Sledge is from Hannover, Germany. She fell in love and moved here with her American husband.  Her story is interesting as she managed to make her dreams a reality and I love that!!  Ursula was once a customer at the German Gift House and fell in love with it.  When Mrs. Sledge learned the owners wished to retire and sell the shop she enjoyed visiting so much, she and a friend decided to buy it! That was in 2008.  By 2011,  Mrs. Sledge became the sole proprietor!  What a great story of turning your passions and dreams into reality – living “The American Dream”!   (READ FURTHER FOR 10% DISCOUNT)


“We have a wide variety of German-made or Germany related items. Everybody can find something here. The collector finds unique hand-made German collectibles.”

Tons of Steins (mostly Zoeller and Born), all handmade and painted in Germany 

Looking for the perfect gift for your homesick friend from Germany? I found the ideal place for you! German Gift House in Spring, Texas is your best bet! OR shop for yourself!

German Flags, Gnomes…I Love Germany Teddy Bears and a TON more!
20170506-IMG_9808 (1)
Of COURSE they have Cuckoo Clocks – (many by Hönes) and don’t forget a wooden Weather House (predicts weather based on barometric pressure). 
Cute books, coffee mugs, household decor…a little of everything!

I asked Mrs. Sledge what her personal favorite item was that she sells at German Gift House.  She answered, “My favorite items are the incense burners. They are called “Räuchermännchen” which translates into “smoking man” or “smoker”. They are little wooden figurines. Incense is placed inside . When the incense is lit and starts smoking the smoke escapes through their mouth. They are very cute. They are hand-made in the Ore Mountains . Prices range from $29 to $129. (See below)


This “Little Chimney Sweep Smoker is only $29 and crafted by Richard Glaesser (Source:  German Gift Shop)

I’ve always loved the nesting dolls (Russian), so I couldn’t resist a shot and the Guardian Angels (right) are adorable!
Nutcrackers by a variety of German artists, woodcraft figurines by Christian Ulbricht, musician angels by Wendt and Kühn, chef angels by Christian Ulbricht, just to name drop a few.
Shop is well laid out, maximizing its space while not leaving you feeling claustrophobic.
Is your German friend craving treats from home? Your child need to research German-made products for a school project? You will likely find it all here.

The shop Owner, Ms. Sledge, was just such a delightful and kind woman I really wanted to show off her shop.  It’s really a fun place and you will be amazed by all the interesting items she has for sale. 

German Gift House has generously offered a

10% DISCOUNT off your purchase

when you mention


(Does not apply to sale items).

(I have no affiliation, received nothing for this post – just my honest review 100%)

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Elizabeth and Max 


Max says, “I think Ma should get herself a German Guardian Angel,but then again…she DOES have ME – what else could she want in life?!?!? Oh, maybe I should toss Ma a bone and let her have one.”




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  1. I just loved it.
    And ypu know what, I could really use this shop right now. I had had to buy so many gifts off late and I had no idea what to buy. Had I been near it, it would be of great help. 😆

  2. Wish I had one of these stores in my city. I am a fanatic when it comes to little wooden german Christmas ornaments. I can’t wait to start decorating my trees with them this week. What a fun store to visit, thanks for sharing.

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