City of Katy Off Leash Dog Park

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Since I was recently in Katy, Texas with Max to check out Mary Jo Peckham Park, I decided to go next door to the City Of Katy Off Leash Dog Park.  They have a little pups area that is more for dogs Max sized and then the big dog area.  Max loves to go to the big park area as it’s so much more room to wander, so a let him as long as I don’t see any ruff  🙂 pups and I leave his leash on but let it drag behind him in case I need to grab him quickly. IMG_8791-1

Max loves to just spend forever sniffing! Whatever makes him happy 🙂 IMG_8950-1

Met all sorts of friendly little pups there.


This little one was probably the only other small dog there…super friendly!IMG_8837-1

Fell in love with this pup – adorable isn’t he!IMG_8898-1

Photo:  Sally (White pup) and Claire (tan dog)IMG_8901-1 (1)

Sally and Claire’s Human hadn’t had them even one year yet! This was their first time in the water. I’d say they liked the water!!!IMG_8899-1

I could have just sat and watched the two siblings play in the water for hours!IMG_8920-1

Sally seemed to get tired a little faster than her sister, ClaireIMG_8938-1

Hey wait guys….party central has arrived!!!IMG_8848-1

“Did you say PARTY???”IMG_8951-1

These two seemed happy to just hang out talking and blue eye would suddenly get a burst of energy and off he’s go!IMG_8968-1

You have to be patient with me – this was too cute to pass up!

This poor baby saw a squirrel in the tree,  this was the first face I captured. “Hey, Mr. Squirrel – come on down here so we can get better acquainted!”IMG_8969-1

“Mr. Squirrel??? Ahhh…Helllllooo…don’t you hear me?! HELLO!!!”


“Mr, Squirrel – I KNOW you can hear me!!!!”  …ruff, ruff…and a bigger RUFF!


“Mr. Squirrel…I said….” (hearing my human’s voice now)….”Hey human…did you say treat?!”


“Peace out Mr. Squirrel…can’t talk…my human has FOOD!…no…T R E A T S!!!!” (Charge!)

Tip:  Those of you with smaller pups, I might opt for a different Dog Park as their little pup park area is pretty small and not too exciting, but bigger pups…you’ll love it here!

Thanks for watching as my blog “goes to the dogs”  🙂 

Elizabeth and Max (Oh boy…Max thinks he’s famous now….I caught him practicing doing his pawtograph’s while posing in the mirror!) 


11 thoughts on “City of Katy Off Leash Dog Park”

  1. They seem to have a great time there.
    But honestly I cannot stand dogs. By saying this I may pose a very wrong image, but I have a phobia. The moment ai see dogs in front of me, I’d juat leave the room, house, car, road, whatever it is. I have tried overcoming it a lot many times but has always worked against me !!

  2. Wonderful captures, Elizabeth. Looks as if Max had a brilliant time. If we were a few thousand miles nearer, I’d have bought Toby, my dog, to the park. However, he’s not a lover of the water, although does enjoy a good run up and down the beach.

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