Cullen Park in Houston, Texas

The Corps of Engineers agreed to lease a huge piece of land in 1973 to the City of Houston.  This is now Cullen Park.  It’s over 9,200 acres.  The acres however, are chopped up a bit with various access parts into the park.  There are baseball fields, soccer fields, pavilions, picnic areas, grills, paved trails, an old, historic cemetery,  multiple playground areas, water playground and even an archery range.

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Soccer team are always out in full force every weekend

IMG_9176-1 (1)
The hottest spot for soccer though is at Barker Cypress and Saums Road
I noticed how the playground equipment is always getting updated too – nice! 
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I enjoy going to this one particular part of the park as there is a nearby airport so planes fly low over the park here!
They are right over your head as shown 🙂 
I did use a telephoto lens for this shot but not a strong one, so you can see how close the airport is in relation to the park
Like any park though, don’t leave your car unlocked or anything to attract thief’s attention, this happened to my niece so just a little heads up.
Many of the playground areas are in shaded areas – appreciated in the summer!!
Max is already sniffing out our next adventure!
Guess what he decided???! TREATS!!! How can anyone not love that face?!!

Thank you for visiting and hanging out at the park with us!

Elizabeth and Max





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