Fun Bird Finds in Houston, Texas

I decided to go hunting…for birds…with my camera 🙂

The bluejay (above) wasn’t in the best place for a quick snap but I hadn’t captured a shot of one before so here it is 🙂 .

IMG_1944-1 - Copy
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

IMG_2008-1 - Copy
Mourning Dove – Pairs tend to mate for life. Another name for them is turtle doves.  Mourning doves have been clocked at speeds of 55 mph!
IMG_2032-1 - Copy
Eastern Bluebird
Just cute 🙂 
Cattle Egret – Both Mom and Dad feed their babies by regurgitation. Babies begin to climb about near nest after 15-20 days, begin to fly at 25-30 days. They will be independent at around 45 days. A group of Cattle Egrets are called a “Stampede” of Egrets.

IMG_2081-1 (1)

According to, “The oldest known wild, banded Blue Jay was at least 26 years, 11 months old when it was found dead after being caught in fishing gear. “

That’s all the birds today 🙂 See ya later and thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth and Max





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