The Fred Hartman Bridge – “Presidential Award” Winner!

The Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, Texas

I have a confession….I LOVE bridges! Hearing about the Fred Hartman Bridge from traffic reports, etc. and never having seen it..why not take a few snaps since I was already close by?! 

The bridge connects La Porte to Baytown, Texas

Cost…over $100 million to construct in the mid ’90’s – Opening day was September 27, 1995 and George W. Bush was there.  

Named to honor Editor/Publisher of the Baytown Sun – Mr. Fred Hartman (1908-1991) who unfortunately passed before it’s opening. 
It’s the longest cable-stayed bridge in Texas and is 2.6 miles
The Fred Hartman Bridge received the Federal “Presidential Award”, the highest bridge awarded in the US and got the “Outstanding Civil Engineering Award” in  1996
At least you can cross the ship channel here in pretty style 🙂 

That’s it for today! Glad they picked yellow for the cables – such a happy color 🙂 . Have a happy kind of day!

Elizabeth and Max


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