Ann’s Fine Gifts & Clocks (Men: Get Your Lady’s Gift, Free Gift Wrapping And Cards – Bam! Shopping Done – All In One Swoop!!)

Ann's Fine Gifts and Clocks in Houston Texas

I’ve shopped at Ann’s Fine Gifts & Clocks, Inc. for YEARS now!! It’s my “go to shop” for the challenging people in my life that are hard to buy for!

Ann’s always has new treasures to discover with each visit!
I love the way the items are displayed too!

Birthday’s and Christmas time are my favorite times to shop at Ann’s Fine Gifts & Clock Shop as you can ALWAYS find something truly unique!!



Might as well treat yourself to a yummy truffle or get a box as a gift while you’re there.

Some of MY past purchases include simply gorgeous, keepsake books whose pages are actually puzzles for several of the children in my life.  Hand-cracked miniature music boxes that made great stocking stuffers.  Unusual, hard to find decorated Lamp Berger’s with an enormous variety of fragrance selections.  Various high-end, scented candles that everyone loves!  Unbelievable clock selections regardless of a person’s taste preference!  Jewelry, glass ornamental items, incredible music boxes, beautiful Christmas ornaments, stunning greeting cards, books and one of the best parts….they’ll gift wrap your purchases FREE (my FAVORITE 4-letter word!),  of charge!! Just makes birthdays and the holiday season that much easier!!


Is this a store for men???? YES!!! As a matter of fact a dear, male friend of mine is the person who initially told me about Ann’s Fine Gifts & Clock shop!!!  Men can shop for the ladies in their lives with confidence as Ann’s sales staff will gladly assist you in finding the perfect gift, wrap it for you, buy one of their pretty greeting cards and BAM – impressively done!!  You can go back and thank the sales staff once your wife, daughter or co-worker opens that gift!! 


Need a clock…ANY kind of clock…

Need some jewelry or a gift of earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings?


Have a friend that likes quirky sox or maybe your teen gifts?

After being married for 12 years, Ann, a stay at home Mom and part-time Music Teacher and Bill, a Stock Broker, decided to change career paths and open up Ann’s Fine Gift & Clock Shop.  These two mid-west college lovebirds recently celebrated over 50 years of marriage!! What an accomplishment and blessing!! What a nice thing to hear in today’s times!!

Ann and Bill are unusually at Ann’s ready to greet you.
Christmas ornament – check!
Like fragrance but worry about flames?IMG_4248 (1)
I truly love their wonderful children’s books and puzzle collections.

After 38 years of beginning Ann’s, it’s bigger and better than ever!  Ann’s was initially in a small (approx. 600 Sq. Ft.), store in Sharpstown Mall that would eventually relocate to its current location at 14054 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079 (in a HUGE, 14,200 Sq. Ft. spot the Rice shopping center on the northwest corner of Kirkwood and Memorial Drive).  

(Photos of Fantasia Jewelry provided courtesy of Ann’s Fine Gifts & Clocks, Inc.)

I asked Ann what the hottest gift seemed to be right now?  “It’s the Fantasia Jewelery!!”, Ann stated.  However, their stunning scarves, snoozies, night-shirts, food books and decorative throw pillows are always a hit too!  Treat yourself to a Truffle too while there or get a box of Truffles as a gift for that special person in your life (like Me!!!!).

Silver Rose has an 11″ stem and is a real rose dipped in silver to preserve it.  Now you can build a silver and gold bouquet, or give one single rose as a gift for birthday or your anniversary
Not a silver fan – not to worry…roses in every color


If you don’t know about Lamp Berger’s – ask! It’s great for killing cooking odors, etc.
Giant selection of Lamp Berger Fragrances!!
Need an engraved gift?
Beautiful scarves and even art scarves

When asked what the best part of owning Ann’s Fine Gifts & Clock Shop, Ann stated, “Being able to do what we love, enjoying seeing our customers return over the years and know we’re a part of the happy times in their lives!”

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed!

Elizabeth and Max (Max says I need a new candle :))


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