Memorial Park in Pasadena, Texas – A Perfect Gem!

Memorial Park in Pasadena, Texas

What a little treasure of a park!! The 49 acre, Memorial Park in Pasadena, Texas was just beautiful and I was shocked to only see a grand total of 9 people there!!! If I lived closer I would be there a LOT!!!


500 W Jackson Ave, Pasadena, TX 77506

This proud Mama was my welcome to the park.  Her babies were adorable!!!


Little fuzzy balls of cuteness!

I was FINALLY able to get a few reflection shots like this and my top photo – yea and thanks Marcus at Streets of Nuremberg for the idea!


The jogging/walking trail is nice and of course I loved the bridges 🙂 
Plenty of shade and a TON of birds and ducks!
The playground area was super nice and inviting! I was just so shocked that around 11:30am barely any kids were enjoying it!!!
If there weren’t kids on this thing – I might have…lie…I WOULD HAVE been on this contraption!
They even have a little water park feature here!
Covered Basketball courts and  skateboarding parks! Why was nobody here?!! Weird!! IT wasn’t sketchy looking, etc. – just odd to me such a beautiful park going without use!
I had no idea of the insect in the bird’s mouth until I got home and saw the photo! (Nature is kinda gross sometimes) 🙂 
I know this is not a great capture but I still liked it 🙂 
This duck just seemed to have “attitude” in spades!
It was rather strange, but I swear this bird seemed to follow me throughout my visit….figured he needed a photo.
Touching…these construction workers were nearby and I had to smile as one of them put this water there for this appreciative horse


I wondered once, when my daughter came home, why on earth she had written “B+” on her hand??? She told me it was a reminder to “Be Positive” – I loved that and this reminded me of her 🙂 

Thanks for visiting and remember to “B+” always 🙂 

Elizabeth and Max



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  1. Awesome photos. You captured some great moments. We are so glad to meet you and believe it is going to be fun following along and sharing stories. Its always a joy to see the world through others eyes and words.

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