Houston Transtar – Greater Houston Transportation and Emergency Management Center

Houston Transtar Transportation Control Room
(PHOTO CREDITS:  All photos were generously provided courtesy of Houston Transtar and are property of Houston Transtar)

While I knew Houston Transtar existed and my Dad had taken their tour years ago, I knew almost nothing about what they do there.  I reached out to Ms. Dinah Massie, Public Information Officer who couldn’t have been any nicer, knowledgeable and (just saying), has great fashion sense too . We met May 16, 2017 for my tour. 

Houston Transtar’s Transportation Control Room

Ms. Massie conducted a great, informative tour and was kind enough to share all the photos in this post and the following information… 

“TranStar uses more than 1,000 closed circuit television cameras on the system in and around Houston, but which also includes the evacuation routes this region would use.

Last year, there were 44,375 freeway incidents on the region’s freeways (this includes the six-county TxDOT region). “Freeway incidents” can be anything from a stalled vehicle beside the freeway to all levels of severity all the way to a multi-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler with fatalities and HAZMAT spill.  

The SAFEClear program responded to 27,448 tows within the City Limits of Houston.

The Harris County Motorist Assistance Program, or MAP, responded to 47,445 disabled vehicles, both in Houston and in the unincorporated areas of Harris County.

The TranStar website is visited by about 830,000 individuals per month. The total accesses to the site were about 12.5 million in March of this year.

You can find out more at www.houstontranstar.org . We have a mobile site, but are in the process of developing a mobile app, which should be released in mid-summer.  

Houston Transtar’s Emergency Operations Center

Regarding emergency management, the Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (or HCOHSEM) coordinates the preparation for, and response to, any and all hazards to the region. This might be hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, chemical plant explosions, two ships colliding in the Ship Channel (this happened a couple of years ago), flu pandemic, and even special events like the Super Bowl.  The HCOHSEM is led by County Judge Ed Emmett, who by statute is the emergency management coordinator for Harris County. HCOHSEM is constantly training for emergency preparedness, and the department works with other emergency management operations throughout the state and nation.”


Houston Transtar’s Emergency Operations Center


I took this shot just to illustrate the actual size of a regular traffic signal light-way bigger than I thought!


I was all ready to review my meeting recorded notes with Ms. Massie but did ask her to email me some traffic data of which she had previously, kindly volunteered along with the photos, but once I saw what she had emailed me…well, she said it all way better than I could have!!! Thanks!! Did I mention that by the time I arrived home the information and the photos were already in my email in box?!! Wow, not only is Ms. Massie a fun and informative representative for Transtar but that’s the best and fastest response time ever! Thank you so very sincerely Ms. Massie!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I can’t think of a more fun tour visitor — thanks so much for spending time with us at Houston TranStar!

    As I mentioned, we do tours for groups of 10 or more, aged 12 and above. It’s great information for personal emergency preparedness as well as knowing how to get around town with today’s traffic.

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