Birding In Houston, Texas – A Hodge Podge Of Recent Birds

(Above photo:  English sparrow)

Thanks to my friends at the Amand Bayou Nature Center for helping me determine what kind of birds a lot of these are!!! They are such a lovely group of people!!! Thank you for always being willing to help!!! Birding in Texas has become somewhat of a new hobby for me so I need plenty of assistance trying to identify them all still! 

Taken at Galveston State Park, Galveston, Texas – this is a Willet (Thanks Armand Bayou Nature Center for the identification help!!) this bird is part of the Sandpiper Family or shorebirds.

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Tricolored Heron Trivia

This gorgeous bird was called a Louisiana Heron for over 175 years, but the American Ornithological Union changed its name to Tricolored Heron over 40+ years ago – why? Who knows!!  

It’s the only Heron that has the white belly and dark rest of its body.
Trivia:  What do you call a group of Tricolored Herons? Well, they can be called several things such as a pose, hedge, rookery, scattering of herons or a battery – I just want to know who comes up with these names?!

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Rhea’s Ice Cream in San Marcos, Texas – Get Your Crazy, Fun Flavor On!

Like the idea of crazy flavored ice cream? Then this is your place! Rhea’s Ice Cream in San Marcos is a tiny, cute ice cream shop in the heart of San Marcos surrounded by other quaint shops, restaurants and fun stores to explore. (You can always search this blog in the SEARCH box on the right side for Things to do in San Marcos, etc. so you can help plan your visit).

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Beach Time at Galveston, Texas with Max

What does a rational person do once she learns Tropical Storm Cindy wasn’t going to hit Houston badly? Yep, drive to the beach on Saturday! It was looking unpredictable if it would rain or not in Galveston, Texas so I figured I’d get storm photo shots or enjoy the beach as either way it was going to rain by my house so why not….

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San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site And The Lovely Ms. Anice Divin

The first weekend in June, I headed out for the day – just hopped in the car and decided to see where to road took me 🙂 

I ended up here, in front of the San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site.  It’s right around the corner practically from Stephen F. Austin State Park so I was shocked that I hadn’t visited earlier as I’ve camped at the park several times.  This is where Stephen F. Austin began the town of San Felipe de Austin in Mexican Texas back in 1823.  

The area is pristine and tranquil

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Creatures of the backyard…

I’ve begun to put up bird feeders and bird baths in my backyard to see who comes to visit me… so far, this is what I’ve captured 🙂 …

These molting Red Cardinals look so odd!

IMG_6900-1 (1)

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Hays Co. Bar-B-Que in San Marcos, Texas and NEW …. Hays Co. Burgers and BBQ in Martindale, Texas (5 Stars for both!!)

Since I was making a day trip to  Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum in San Marcos, Texas, I asked the Curator, Mr. Thom Fortney a good place to eat lunch nearby.  He suggested Hays County Bar-B-Que & Catering. Wow….GREAT recommendation Thom!!! Thanks!!


Upon my arrival to a rather simple looking restaurant, I see these two beautiful ladies leaving, (I asked and they confirmed it was a thumbs up BBQ joint!) …if it’s good enough for 2 Beauty Queens…



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Birds of Texas!!!!!

Just a little slice of “zen pie” this morning looking at some of the recent bird shots I’ve been able to get here and there….enjoy 🙂 

Red-Winged Blackbird – In the wild they live about 15 years.

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Railroad Bridge over the Brazos River in Richmond, Texas

(Above photo: Cover/Top-Choice A)

The Brazos River, that was called Rio de los Brazos de Dios by the early Spanish settlers translates loosly to “The River of the Arms of God”.  

This is longest river in Texas and 11th longest river in the US. The bridge was built in 1906, by the Pennsylvania Steel Co. of Steelton, Pennsylvania (Choice B)
Two riveted Camelback Through Truss Main Span sections each 210ft long resting on concrete piers. Western approach span is a single 150ft long Pratt Through Truss fed by a 200ft timber stringe.  DimensionsLength of largest span: 210.0 ft., Total length: 770.0 ft., Deck width: 16.0 ft. (Source:  (Choice C)
(Choice D)

As I have been messing around in editing and trying new looks…which bridge photo do you like best? Top/Cover A, B, C or D? If you’d care to tell me why, I’d love to hear but if not a simple A,B,C or D helps me 🙂 and thank you!!!

Thanks for visiting!

Elizabeth and Max

Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe, Texas (short drive from Houston)

Today we are off to see Stephen F. Austin State Park – less than an 30-45 minute drive from Houston and a great place to camp!

While I didn’t go camping on this outting, I included some photos from when my daughter and I and our pups went camping in 2015. We had a blast camping there and did some geocaching there too.  Let me tell ya…finding a micro-geocache is hard (full credit to my daughter finding that one!)!!! The trails there are well-kept and plenty of birds can be spotted here too…especially my red cardinals 🙂 

Nice playground area
Our old tent

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