A Hidden Texas Gem!!! Worth The Trip To Angleton, Texas!!

Above:  Nile Crocodile

American Alligator

I first learned of Crocodile Encounter while at a recent festival. I was so incredibly blown away by Mr. Leonard Brown and Andrew Austin’s presentation, that contacting Mr. Chris Dieter, Owner of Crocodile Encounter seemed the next logical step.  He was kind enough to agree to meet me on Sunday, May 7, 2017 so I drove about 1 hour to Angleton, Texas meet Mr. Dieter and see the actual facility in person.

P.S. I PROMISE your kids and YOU will LOVE it!!!

Off of County Road 48 in Angleton, Texas you’ll be welcomed by these gates
Get ready to start your crocodile journey here!
 (Andrew Austin, Zookeeper and Animal Handler, feeds chicken to an American Alligator)

Mr. Dieter, a married man of over 10 years to his bride, Bernadette has been in business over 15 years with almost no advertising! They have two children, Bryson 9 and Brooks is 6. I was equally floored to learn they are a zero debt facility! Wow! Perhaps they should teach financial instruction as well!!!!

American Alligator

Mr. Andrew Austin was our group’s Presenter/Guide – who apparently has NO fear!!

That doesn’t even qualify as a double chin!!! (American Alligator)

Chris Dieter is easy to talk to and extremely down to earth! Unsurprisingly, before deciding to make Crocodile Encounter a full-time gig, Mr. Dieter was a Biology Teacher for Angleton ISD.  Actually that’s where he met the love of his life Bernadette! She was an ESL Teacher down the hall! Now, Mrs. Dieter is the Science Coordinator at Pearland ISD.

American Alligator babies

These little guys were so small (relatively speaking) and cute!

I’d say it speaks quite highly of Chris Dieter that many of his old students now are employed by him! One of his staff members told me, “This is my dream job!”. 

Here we have a Aldabra Tortoise

When asked if Mr. Dieter had a favorite – “Yes, Ajax – a Nile Croc.”, was his response. He explained how even though they aren’t cuddly creatures, how close you become with them all and how well they all will recognize you after a short period of time. Also, how painful it will be to lose Ajax one day for him.  They’ve just all become such a huge part of the Dieter’s lives!

Sulcatta Tortoise (aka African spurred, African spur thigh, and just spurred tortoises)

I can envision Chris as a teacher and have no doubt he was everyone’s favorite teacher. He even kept a Caimen and Alligators in his classrooms initially.  

Lillian had a blast feeding the Sulcatta Tortoise

When asked what his biggest challenge is, he just smiled and said…”where to go next and what to add”. The thing Mr. Dieter is the most proud of…”Maintaining a really good, quality environment and living conditions”.  He believes in never making the creatures feel crowded in their surroundings and wants it as natural as possible.  These guys are not for sale either!

Sulcatta Tortoise
Sulcatta Tortoise – “I’m watching you!!”

Crocodile Encounter is so well respected that San Diego and Houston Zoo’s will ofter send over their tortoises once they become to large and they will live out their lives here!

Florida Softshell Turtle
American Alligator quickly approaching Mr. Austin…dum, da dum…(scary music playing in my head!)


Pot Bellied Pig

This little piggie wanted some lovin’
Leucistic American Alligator 
American Alligator
American Alligator
Orinoco Crocodile – After buring the eggs they lay,  in roughly 3 months, the hatchlings begin to call out to their Mother. Mom will then go get them all and take them to the water.  She then watches over and defends her babies until they are around a year old.
Orinoco Crocodile – They are on the Citically Endangered List. They are the largest predators in South Africa.
Nile Crocodile
Mr. Austin feeding a Siamese Crocodile
Siamese Crocodile
Red Kangaroo – They even had one with a Joey (baby), inside her pouch!
Eland – southern Africa’s largest antelope-they can jump 8 feet from a standstill position
Ring Tailed Lemur
Want to pet a Skink?!
Love how Andrew holds this Bull Snake like no big deal!
How would you like to pet an American Alligator??
Spectacled Caiman – When they lay eggs, it’s typically about 30-35 hard-shelled eggs.  The sex of the hatchling is determined by the temperature at which it incubates: cooler temperatures produce males, and warmer temperatures produce females.
Here you CAN find a cuddly Crocodile! 🙂 
The office entrance and gift shop area.  I felt the pricing was VERY reasonable – even MORE so after I took the tour!! You will certainly get your money’s worth!!! Oh, they also host birthday parties!! My son would have LOVED that!!!
Source:  YouTube by Texas Chronicles: Crocodile Encounter of the fun kind

Thanks for sharing in our “wild and crazy” journeys!

Elizabeth and Max

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