MLK & LBJ in San Marcos

What’s at the intersection of East Martin Luther King Drive and South Lyndon Baines Johnson Drive in San Marcos, Texas?  The Crossroads Memorial Sculpture designed by Sculpturist, Aaron Hussey.  Mr. Hussey won a national competition to design the sculpture.  Hays County donated the land the piece sits on, The Crossroads Committee raised $7,000 for the art and The City of San Marcos $100,000. What a wonderful collaborative effort to make this intersection famous.

Interesting to learn San Marcos, Texas is the only place in the world where the two men’s streets intersect.  

“The Crossroads Memorial sculpture is the dream of a group of San Marcos residents who believe that the historic partnership of Dr. King and President Johnson to advance civil rights should be remembered in the community where President Johnson gained his college education and early experience in leadership,” said Crossroads Committee chair Diann McCabe.

(Source:  San Marcos Mercury)

The official dedication was on January 20, 2014 appropriately on Martin Luther King Day 🙂 .  The inspiration for the sculpture was a photo of President Lyndon B, Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King taken in 1966 while in the Oval Office of the White House. The photographer, Yoichi Okamoto captured the shot while the two men were heavily involved in a conversation.  Johnson actually signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 in front of King.

The top reads: “To stand for another’s freedom is to free yourself”

The sculpture is beautiful!  I’m sure many have taken photos of the top with tons of varied results due to the weather truly influencing the images. That part of the piece really was fun for me.
The base



Inside top reads:  Opportunity, Hope, Compromise, Community, Dignity and Equality

Gorgeous isn’t it?!


Speaking of gorgeous….ok, super duper cute and perfect in every way 🙂 …here’s my fun in the sun, sidekick and co-author … Max…I just wanted to show him off today! 

Have a beautiful today!

Elizabeth and Max

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