Newman’s Castle in Bellville, Texas as promised :)

Newman's Bakery and Newman's Castle in Bellville Texas


Ok, so we got our coffee and apple fritter….next it’s was on to see Newman’s Castle!!

To see it though, you’ll need to call Newman’s Bakery at 979-865-9804 to book your tour. The day of the tour, you’ll meet up at Newman’s Bakery around 10:15 am.  Why not go a little early and taste one of Newman’s Bakery donuts, danishes, Quiche, pigs in a blanket, cinnamon roles or choose from whatever grabs you from the display case and if you’re like me – a large coffee! (Remember to mention Houston Photo Journey at the Bakery and you’ll get 2 FREE Pastries with your purchase!)

Chuck Norris even filmed a Russian beer (Hoegaarden) at Newman’s Castle (See at end of post)


Who WOULDN’T want to have their very own castle?!! It’s beautiful!! Mr. Newman began building the castle in 1998.  Today it’s a Bellville landmark.  The moat completely surrounds Newman’s Castle and it’s believed that this is the only Castle with a moat fully encasing a castle in the USA.  It’s truly a sight to behold!!!


There is also a nice walking trail around the perimeter of the 3,400 Sq. Ft. (living space) castle.  It sits on roughly 20 acres of land and is made of cinder block, masonry and stucco and took almost 10 years to complete.  



What’s a good castle without a working (3,000 Lb.) drawbridge – put 2 men inside the giant wheel to the right in photo to open and close the drawbridge.  Gotta have a portcullis too as we don’t want intruders in the castle!! (In the event you are like me and have no clue what the word means….portcullis:  a strong, heavy grating sliding up and down in vertical grooves, lowered to block a gateway to a fortress or town.)


Once you’ve crossed over the drawbridge, you enter the courtyard of the King Newman’s castle.  What’s the thing hanging on the right?? Every swordsman/woman has to practice their sword fighting technique and needs a pell right?! Wooded carts help carry the wounded, mortal enemies!


Lords and ladies can stroll down the corridors of the incredible castle


The royal party has to eat somewhere! This 32 Ft. dining table should accommodate his lordship.  (Note:  Call Newman’s Bakery is you would like to reserve the Great Dining Hall for your next meeting, party, etc.). 


Mike built this chapel as he loves the Lord. I asked if there had ever been weddings there, and yes, several…ranging from an intimate wedding of 10 or less to one of about 250 people. For the larger wedding, the couple was married on the drawbridge as the guest watched with the castle as the backdrop.  I bet it was a beautiful sight to witness!! 


Mr. Newman pretty much build it ALL – in and outside! Every King needs a stately bath tub….20170525-IMG_4481

I’d say King Newman has an ample sized tub!!! (It doesn’t show here how big it really is!)  Notice how even the facuets have been designed.20170525-IMG_4473

A powerful King MUST have a suit of armour and crown!


Let me draw your attention to the King’s armoire that he created, fitting for a king’s bedroom….the tv is even hidden by a drawbridge!


Details are important…including door handles – I loved exploring all the nooks in the castle!


Everywhere you look, even the kitchen has had much attention paid to castle detail!


What weapons or King’s treasure is hidden behind these doors?? 


Perhaps this is the Knight of the Realm’s quarters…you must climb a wooden ladder through a narrow opening to access. 


His loyal companion Avalon, the Irish Wolf Hound does need ample room to stretch his 4 legs!!!


What happens to those that disobey King Newman?  Off to the medieval dungeon!!! 


When caught trying to overthrow the King…his mortal enemies will be forced to sleep on a bed of nails, be place in the Iron Maiden or ….


The stock with a ball and chain tied to you for good measure!20170525-IMG_4519

King Newman is quite creative with his torture techniques!


Every castle MUST have lookout for approaching enemies.


Overlooking the courtyard20170525-IMG_4539

At the top of the 60+ foot tower, you have to ring the bells, (weighing up to 1,200 lbs.), to alert the King of visitors


King Newman after finishing his sword practice on his pell.


Dame Audri of The Pink Bow Clan, challenges fearless rival, Dame Sydni of the Great Flowing Hair Clan in an intense sword fight.


Dame Audri, a well-respected, up and coming Swordswoman, appears to be a strong competitor against Dame Sydni a seasoned, veteran Swordswoman to see who King Newman will choose to accompany him on a secret mission later in the day. 


The working trebuchet was a HUGE hit with the kids!!!


If you are planning to join forces with King Newman and help protect the castle, you must be sure you have an adequate have swords and have been given your respective Knight/Dame title!


After launching the trebuchet, the Knights and Dames were off to protect the King and his castle….even Knighted Pup Avalon stepped up to help launch the trebuchet!!!


The King’s loyal subjects were ready to enter and defend the castle!


Everyone had big smiles walking up to the drawbridge and waiting for their turn to enjoy the magic of Newman’s Castle!



20170525-IMG_4544.JPGHope you enjoyed our Medieval journey with King Newman! (enjoy the YouTube Videos below).  A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Mike Newman for opening up his home to me.  What a great way to make such a huge impact on the Bellville community Mr. Newman holds so dear to his heart! 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Max 

P.S. The first video below is for a Russian Beer called Hoegaarden starring Chuck Norris and was filmed inside Newman’s Castle (once they enter the castle it’s then Newman’s Castle)

(Source:  YouTube – Combat Kitchen by Chuck Norris by JekaS)


(Source:  YouTube-This man’s home really is his castle by USA Today)
(Source:  YouTube – The Texas Bucket List – Newman’s Castle)


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