Battleship Texas – Part II (Ben Affleck filmed here for the movie Pearl Harbor)

(Above Photo:  Mr. Verlon Anderson) (For Part I of The Battleship Texas click here)

After beginning this post, I learned of Seaman Mr. Verlon Anderson.  He proudly served our great country in WWII.  Mr. Anderson had an interesting connection to the Battleship Texas!!!  Seaman Anderson escorted the only non military arrival ever to the Battleship Texas….Mr. Verlon Anderson brought the young reporter, Walter Cronkite onto the ship during the North African Invasion of WWII! (Thank you Mr. Craig E. Ferrell, Jr. and Mrs. Pamela Ferrell for sharing this wonderful story!  Mr. Anderson was Mrs. Ferrell’s Uncle!).  I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of our veterans – both past and present – my absolute gratitude for your service!!!


Above Photo:  Dan Gallo, Volunteer Guide (2nd from Left) with visitors Don and Toni Pharis and Susan and Russell Gifford

Trivia…both my sister and I were Church Bell Ringers as children…my bell was D14 🙂 


Can you image having to sleep here?! Much less 3 people deep?!
I’d hate to have to clean THIS bathroom!
See what I was talking about in the last post about every inch of space being utilized?!
Considering the size of this ship, can you envision cooking for all these service men?
If you were hoping for privacy…good luck!!!
Seeing all the massive amount of beds were ever they seemed to be able to shove them, I can only imagine life was not to fun for these guys! Thank you all for your service…past and present!!!
I know I am going on and on with the bed shots but it really struck a cord with me illustrating their living conditions!!
But they DID have a Barber shop!
What do you think this room is??? Scary but it’s the surgery room!!!
Ben Affleck sat right there where you see the bed pan during the filming of Pearl Harbor
Here we have the more “prestigious” rooms
Still, not exactly living high on the hog!
There were 3 water fountains here as my friend Dan points out along with other interesting stories
This just cracked me up!!
26 Toilets for 1,600 men?!! Guess everyone knew you had VD if you sat on the red toilet seats! ha!
Nope, not much privacy here!
And here we have the “fancy” toilets
If you zoom in to the back left side you’ll see the shower nozzles above.  Dan was telling me how they would do pretty much assembly line showers…it would go something like this…first man has a regulated amount of water to get him wet, moves down to new measured water nozzle and lathers up, moves down to next shower nozzle to rinse.  You better hope you were fast as you had one shot – end of story!
Look at the old Coca-Cola Syrup that they’d use back in the day and the old food products on the shelves.
Again, if you zoom in you will notice all sorts of food, magazine, cigarettes, etc. from the past.  It was really fun seeing all this!
Gosh, I haven’t seen anyone smoke a pipe in years!
The old magazines were so fun I wanted a close up 
Why type the history when it’s all neatly packaged here for me 🙂 
IMG_2487 (1)
San Jacinto Monument (this is right across the road)

Thanks for visiting the Battleship Texas with us! Hope you enjoyed!

Elizabeth and First Mate Max

8 thoughts on “Battleship Texas – Part II (Ben Affleck filmed here for the movie Pearl Harbor)”

  1. Love the history and the photos. Gives you a glimpse of what living conditions were like. Makes you wonder if they have improved since then. I would hope they have. Although the sleeping cost reminded me of my bed in the dorms at college not comfortable at all.

  2. We had a great time on BB 35 a few weeks ago. Brenda took a picture for her website of my wife, myself and our two friends Toni and Don standing on one of the gun decks.

    I was 10 years old the first time I was aboard and the ship had dirt all around and was not floating, not in the best shape but for a 10 year old it was the coolest thing I ever seen. The second time I was aboard my two sons were 10 and 7 and my boys were just as amazed as I was as a young boy. The ship had just returned from the restoration at Todd’s ship yard and it was beautiful!.

    I am now 55 years old and was still amazed with the ship on out last visit. The ship needs a lot of repair and started leaking two weeks after we had our visit. I am so happy the got the holes plugged and the water pumped out. I hope the ship gets the donations and the funding to keep her in good shape and in the ship channel for years to come, it a real icon of who we are.

    Our military is the best in the world and have been for over 200 years. God bless the men and women who keep us safe and FREE!

    God Bless America

    Russell G.

    1. I really appreciate hearing about your trips there and you comments on our wonderful military personnel!! God bless them and their families too! Always want to shake their hand and thank them for their service.

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