Railroad Bridge over the Brazos River in Richmond, Texas

(Above photo: Cover/Top-Choice A)

The Brazos River, that was called Rio de los Brazos de Dios by the early Spanish settlers translates loosly to “The River of the Arms of God”.  

This is longest river in Texas and 11th longest river in the US. The bridge was built in 1906, by the Pennsylvania Steel Co. of Steelton, Pennsylvania (Choice B)
Two riveted Camelback Through Truss Main Span sections each 210ft long resting on concrete piers. Western approach span is a single 150ft long Pratt Through Truss fed by a 200ft timber stringe.  DimensionsLength of largest span: 210.0 ft., Total length: 770.0 ft., Deck width: 16.0 ft. (Source:  Bridgehunter.com)  (Choice C)
(Choice D)

As I have been messing around in editing and trying new looks…which bridge photo do you like best? Top/Cover A, B, C or D? If you’d care to tell me why, I’d love to hear but if not a simple A,B,C or D helps me 🙂 and thank you!!!

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  1. I love this kind of bridge! Come to think of it, I just love bridges 🙂 🙂 I like the first simple shot a lot, but maybe it’s cropped too hard because I really like the third, not so much for the colouration as the extra ‘information’ that it gives. So, C for me 🙂

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