San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site And The Lovely Ms. Anice Divin

The first weekend in June, I headed out for the day – just hopped in the car and decided to see where to road took me 🙂 

I ended up here, in front of the San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site.  It’s right around the corner practically from Stephen F. Austin State Park so I was shocked that I hadn’t visited earlier as I’ve camped at the park several times.  This is where Stephen F. Austin began the town of San Felipe de Austin in Mexican Texas back in 1823.  

The area is pristine and tranquil


It’s a relatively small but beautiful site with honor paid to Stephen F. Austin.
The statue is quite detailed and impressive
See?! 🙂 
Let’s look around! I really was happy I tried the door to the white building….
The old 1824 Well
Close up of the monument


Notice the low door handles?? I mistakenly thought it was because people weren’t typically as tall as they are today but after emailing Mr. Bryan McAuley,  Site Manager, he let me know it was actually because…”Living in a community with a general mercantile store often meant sending one of the capable children (perhaps 6-10 years of age) to pick up needed supplies while mom and/or dad managed affairs at home or work. The shopkeeper recognized that if said child struggled with the door handle, he/she would be going to the door constantly to let in the errand-runners. Efficiency in motion.”  (A big thank you to Mr. McAuley for letting me know and of course that makes a lot more sense!)  Additionally, Mr. McAuley wished to point out that this building didn’t exist until about 12 years after the fire that consumed Stephen F. Austin’s town.



Once inside the old general store, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Anice Divin, Customer Service Representative for the site, (and SOOOO much more!!).  She helps the historical site but making these adorable “Topsy Turvey Dolls”… lift her skirt and flip the dress over and there you have another doll to play with like in the olden days : ) .  I actually had a doll just like this as a child that was Red Riding Hood or The Big, Bad Wolf 🙂



Ms. Divin is seriously a wealth of knowledge in every sense!!! She’s fun and entertaining too so I’m certain school tours and parents alike will enjoy their visit!! Kids will actually ENJOY learning from Ms. Divin without even realizing they’re …. learning! 🙂  The white dolls are Church Dolls…they were originally made for children to play with at church to keep them quite and if they dropped on the floor there wouldn’t be any disruption or noise…cute right?! Ms. Divin and her helpers make those too! 

The site has a printing press similar to the one used back then and is soon going to be functional so guest can actually see a working press!
Crazy to me that they burned the town down rather than having it fall into the Mexican Army’s hands but that’s what happened!



Inside the old general store – now acts as the visitor center.  However, a brand new visitor center and museum is soon to be built with an anticipated open date in 2018!

I was going to tell much about the historical significance of San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site, but after meeting Ms. Divin, I highly recommend paying a visit and letting Ms. Divin tell you all about it as she really is just brimming with all kinds of fun and interesting information!! Be sure to tell her Houston Photo Journey sent ya!

**Don’t forget Stephen F. Austin State Park is literally right around the corner!**

Thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth and Max 



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