Beach Time at Galveston, Texas with Max

What does a rational person do once she learns Tropical Storm Cindy wasn’t going to hit Houston badly? Yep, drive to the beach on Saturday! It was looking unpredictable if it would rain or not in Galveston, Texas so I figured I’d get storm photo shots or enjoy the beach as either way it was going to rain by my house so why not….

Don’t click and drive 🙂 …you’ll get bad photos like this one, 🙂  but I wanted to show you the Galveston greeting showing you ….you’ve arrived 🙂 
Sign isn’t actually blue either – not sure what happened, but this was my first mini-stop.
It’s just a tiny little park, but people were bringing in a lot of smaller fish.
Nice to see families out enjoying some fishing.
He was liking the fishing prospects too!
The black always looks painted on to me…odd.
Directly across from the fishing pier
I thought this was the sweetest shot ever of these two kiddos 
Ok, off to the beach…but not along the Galveston Seawall like these folks…I like to drive on the beach and park.
There are several free beaches in Galveston that allow you to drive on the beach and set up by your car….way more convenient!!
Ma took me too!!! I am usually a bit more cautious about the water than I was today……today I was SUPER MAX and very brave and adventurous!!!
Max is usually very “hit and miss” with regard to water so you never know if he’ll want to go in or not…today was a yes 🙂 
While it’s not exactly Destin, Florida – it’s what we have 🙂 and it’s nice to be by water!
Look at me Ma….look at me!!! I am Max The Water Conquerer!


I LOVE children but this group of loud, men…well, I better keep an eye open…

I was shocked I was able to capture Max’s expression…you can see what I mean…he did NOT like the loud men and was very leery of them!!
When I got home and saw this photo I died laughing…looks like Max was “swimming” in some deeper water…in all actuallity…he is in about 4″ inches of water here! Amazing how you can take a photo from an odd angle and it comes out like this!
Ma…Ma….look….it’s an ice cream truck!!! 
A few people seemed to wonder why this crazy woman had an actual (rain)umbrella up at the beach…until they saw me nestled under my cabana 🙂 …Ma doesn’t want me to get a sunburn!


All this water and looking for shells has me wiped out!
My nosey little buddy!
My attempt at a sillouette….still need a lot more attempts 🙂 


And THIS was Max on the way home…about 5 SECONDS after getting back in the car towards home (took with my cell)

Hope you had a great weekend in your part of the world!!! Thanks as always for your likes and comments!! We love reading them!

Elizabeth and Max


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  1. I’m surprised yall’s surf wasn’t up. Corpus’s water was up to the dunes. Great photos of Max. I love the rain umbrella, great contrast in pictures to.

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