Tricolored Heron Trivia

This gorgeous bird was called a Louisiana Heron for over 175 years, but the American Ornithological Union changed its name to Tricolored Heron over 40+ years ago – why? Who knows!!  

It’s the only Heron that has the white belly and dark rest of its body.
Trivia:  What do you call a group of Tricolored Herons? Well, they can be called several things such as a pose, hedge, rookery, scattering of herons or a battery – I just want to know who comes up with these names?!

Love how he hides his face with his beautiful wings – almost as if he was being bashful.
This was my first Tri-colored Heron view.
What an incredibly stunning bird!

That’s it for today’s lesson on Tricolored Herons 🙂 Thanks for visiting and leaving some thoughts 🙂 


Elizabeth and her Two-Colored Co-Author Max 🙂 




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