American White Ibis (Found in Galveston State Park in Texas)

Since I was in Galveston already on Saturday, I HAD to visit Galveston State Park to see if I could find any of my Roseate Spoonbills there but no luck…however, I did see quite a few of the American White Ibis.  I was shocked the first time I saw one of them as their eyes are such a beautiful, startling blue and their legs are so oddly colored too!  Really everything about this bird is rather strange looking!!

There were about 4 of them up in a tree by some shallow, marsh land.

Don’t you find them bizarre looking creatures too?!  

“They walk slowly with their heads down probing the muddy surface for insects and crustaceans. In flight their long necks are stretched out and their feet trail behind.” “White Ibises are wetland birds. They use freshwater marshes, coastal estuaries, mangroves, flooded pastures, mudflats, and swamps. They usually forage in shallow areas with less than 8 inches of water, but they also use lawns and parks especially in southern Florida.” (Source:

To be honest, I am rather amazed they can fly…

“White Ibises nest in colonies in trees and shrubs along the water’s edge, changing locations nearly every year.” “When baby White Ibises hatch their bills are straight. Their bills don’t start to curve downward until they are 14 days old.” “The oldest recorded White Ibis was at least 16 years, 4 months old when it was found in Florida in 1972. It had been banded in Alabama in 1956.”  (Source:

Goes to show…even an odd bird like the Ibis can look angelic.
There were a few more, along with a Snowy Egret hanging around by the walkways
They are so interesting to me with those crazy, blue eyes!!
Not to mention their strange looking feet!!!

Hope you enjoyed these odd little guys! Have a beautiful today!!!

Elizabeth and Max




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