The Jung Center – Houston, Texas

(Above Photo:  Peter Valles (Engineering by John Buckley) Cat and Mouse)

Founded in 1958, The C. G. Jung Educational Center of Houston, Texas, Inc. is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to continuing education for the human spirit through psychology, spirituality, and the arts and humanities. Our educational and outreach programs enrich lives and enlighten the spirit. Our classes promote a journey of personal growth and a deepening commitment to the community we share. (Source:

Had never visited The Jung Center before and heard they had a cool gallery so off I went to see for myself.

Pam Perraud – Young Bamboo (Chinese Watercolor)
Pam Perraud – Orchids in the Field
Cindy Chatham – Kafkaesque Kali
Mathieu  Jn Baptiste – Migration (pencil)

The Jung Center of Houston was founded in 1958 by a group of students dedicated to understanding improvements in the human psyche through the theory and methods of Dr. C. G. Jung.

Brandy Watkins – Constant Seeker – (Digital ink jet print)
Peihong Endris – The Eagle (Watercolor)
Victoria Avalos – Dancing Spirit-Iris (Chinese Brush Art on Rice Paper)


Kay Lynn Whitcomb – Head Board
Anna Conaty – Witness of  The Amateur’s Den (Colored Pencils) (This was my personal favorite)
Peihong Endris – The Kingfish (Watercolor)
Patrick McGarth Muniz – The Seed (Oil on Canvas)
Patrick McGrath Muniz – Tempus Fugit (Oil and Metal Leaf on Panel)


Gift shop


Then I just HAD to add this shot – as I was leaving The Jung Center, I thought this was kind of funny and as I went to photograph it…two young tween girls began to giggle as this was their creation 🙂 

Would like to know which of these is YOUR favorite if you HAD to pick one 🙂 ?????

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15 thoughts on “The Jung Center – Houston, Texas”

  1. Sure they have a wonderful gallery, and it is pretty difficult to choose one.
    Still, if I had to pick, I’d say, Cindy Chatham – Kafkaesque Kali, Mathieu Jn Baptiste – Migration and one more please, Anna Conaty – Witness of The Amateur’s Den.
    I cannot just pick one!

  2. Peihong Endris – The Eagle (Watercolor)
    Anna Conaty – Witness of The Amateur’s Den (Colored Pencils)
    Those two are definitely my favorites for sure.

    This truly is a beautiful gallery they have.
    I also love that picture with that plant in the middle. Pretty cool.
    Great photos.

    1. Ha ha ha!😄 that piece is for sale for $50… my favorite though is the colored pencil piece and is not for sale – so it’s quite the mixture of both!

      1. If you really wanted it I’m sure you could call n pay them for it and they’d probably ship to you or I can do get it n ship to you, no biggie I promise/ I liked it too but I need to de clutter my house as I have a house with too much stuff – urrr I really need to throw out n donate! But instead… going to an art show today… more fun 😜

      2. I’m not going to have you do all of that, but it is awesome. I’d have to find a square inch or two on my wall to hang it, too. Trying to talk myself out of it here. 😛 It’s very sweet of you to offer, but I’m in your shoes, I truly would have to take something down to hang it. But it’s so great. Damn it!

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