Cattle Egret Hanging Out At Bear Creek Pioneer’s Park – Houston, Texas

Anyone else do “Car Photography”? This is what I do now in this Summer heat!! I drive around parks or back roads and when I see a fun bird, etc. I pull over and shot from my car.   Works out ok for me as my Sigma lens is rather heavy anyway and this way I can use my car window frame as a tripod and generally speaking either get to stay in my air-conditioned car or hop out for a spilt second, snap and drive on 🙂 . 

I’ve been trying to incorporate reflections to my shots so this was a great opportunity.

This particular Cattle Egret was fun to watch…it would crouch down like this, hunting its next prey instead of the usual wading and trolling around in the water with its beak.
I think they are beautiful little creatures!!!
I’m still a bit on the fence if I like this shot or not.
Their gate, along with those crazy feet and legs make them funny to just sit and observe.  Then they tend to run a bit.
This was just a tiny little group of them but at the park there had to have been 30 at a minimum running about throughout the park.  The other birds and ducks never seem to faze them nor the American White Ibis. 
Going in for the kill
But I don’t look like a killer….look how pretty I am….
Fooled ya – I can grab anything at lightning speed with my beak!!!
Down the hatch it goes!!
And on we go…trolling for the next victim! I have to say, I was soooo mad at myself!!! I captured one actually grabbing a rather big frog but the shot was completely overexposed – what a bummer!!
WARNING:  Car Photography WILL get you some crazy looks…AND noticed by the cops too :).  I guess someone reported me to a cop for driving around the park suspiciously, got pulled over and explained to a laughing cop 🙂 
And we have lift off….

A group of cattle egrets are collectively known as a “stampede” of egrets.They have been observed alongside the runways of airports waiting for airplanes to pass and blow insects out of the grass. They also follow farm equipment to catch insects that are disturbed.  (Source:  

Off to our next adventure!

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Elizabeth and Max

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    1. Thanks… just watching them a few minutes and bam. They are just endlessly in search of food! (Like me Ha ha ha!😄)

  1. Yes, summer time does mean more car photography here in Florida. Too funny, I thought I might be one of the only ones that does this as well. I’m going to share these on my blog with full credit and links to your site. If for any reason you don’t want them shared please let me know and I will take it down asap.

    1. Thanks Vinnie-one of those odd moments in life… while I had just clicked “liked” on your awesome Fabulous Baker Boys movie review and was starting to comment, I get a ping you were liking my post 😄 – now that’s some same wavelength stuff 👍

      1. Time to make our own X Files series I think 😂… oh Lord, can you imagine?!

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