El Gato Coffee House & Cat Adoption – Houston, Texas

El Gato Coffee House in Houston, Texas is the first of its kind here!  I love the concept!!  Grab a cup a coffee and hang out and love on some cats, or better yet…adopt a new family member! Allow me to explain….

“El Gato Coffeehouse is Houston’s first cat cafe, partnered with the Houston Humane Society. Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment for adoptable cats until they find their furever home. If guests aren’t looking to adopt, they can enjoy cat therapy, which also helps socialize the cats. 

The Cat Cottage houses our adoptable resident gatos. There is an hourly cover to play with the adoptable cats which includes complimentary coffee. Booking online is strongly recommended to guarantee your spot at your desired time and to avoid a wait. Stay tuned for updates on our full-service cafe coming at a later date.”  (Source:  www.elgatocoffeehouse.com)

(Left) Renee Reed, (Right) Michele Marquez – These ladies were so nice and welcoming!!

What a wonderful concept!!! El Gato Coffee House works with the Houston Humane Society to help adopt cats.  They had over 10 cats ready for adoption.  
Daisy, the 1 1/2 year old sweet, calico girl was too busy sunning herself in the window for photos,  but she’s a sweet little girl who needs a furever home. 
Rosi is 1 year and 1 month and would really enjoy a permanent home with a loving family!
Phoebe is a curious, 3 year old ready to steal your heart!
Penny as you can tell, if a gorgeous green-eyed 3 year old that loves Michele but would truly love to have a human to call her very own!
Cute rooms with lots of window sills, cat climbing bridges and scratch stands make this a nice, comfortable place for both the cats and humans to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee while getting a chance to meet these adoptable babies.  Maybe your can’t have a cat where you live, so this is a great place to get your “kitty fix”.
The kitty bridges above will soon be available for sale too!


I think this is Miranda, the 1 year old little girl.

I was thrilled to hear from Renee and Michele that in the past 2 1/2 months they have found furever homes for 18 cats!!!! 6 of the adoptions were within the past week!!!  The adoption fee is $50 and you can head over to www.elgatocoffeehouse.com to complete the application before you visit here

Wishing El Gato Coffee House and The Houston Humane Society’s partnership the best of success!!! Thanks to Renee and Michele for the warm reception and all that they do each day! 

Thanks for stopping by!! Max and I love reading your comments!

Elizabeth and Max

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      1. I just thought this was such a great idea and it’s working pretty impressively!

    1. Thanks – it was fun to visit and learn how successful they have been with adoptions! Thank you for always commenting Moushmi – I always like to hear what you think!

      1. Well, clearly the answer is…. you would just have to travel here to meet in person! 🙂 …yes, I think several people are having this spam issue on their sites and I contacted WordPress too – urrr!

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  1. Came all the way from Tucson Arizona to check this place out and absolutely loved it ! Great kitties and atmosphere !! We brought home a great painting to remind us of the great memories we made here can’t wait to come back and visit .

  2. Elizabeth, you are always posting something that makes me want to go to Houston. Do you work for the Tourist Board? Haha! Seriously, this is one of the best ideas I have ever seen. There should be one for dogs, too…perhaps in an outdoor venue. I just love it!

    1. Ha – I should work there! That was my exact same thought…someone needs to do one of these for pups! I think it might be an even bigger success!!!

      1. What a great area you were in! So what kind of law practice do you hope to pursue?

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