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Last Saturday. I attended the “Second Saturdays at Sawyer Yards“.  This is a monthly event when artists from Silver Street Studios, Spring Street Studios, Silos Studios, Summer Street Studios and Winter Street Studios have their art studios open to the public.   Basically, there are 5 revamped warehouses full of a wide variety of artist that create everything from jewelry, sculptures, textiles, photography to world-class painters.  Best part??? Yes, my favorite 4 letter word….FREE to attend and park and bonus…in this Houston heat…nice to spend the day inside the air-conditioned studios casually wandering around and meeting the artists.

The first artist I really chatted with was Mr. Alberto Godoy of Godoy Studio.  A lovely and charming gentleman from Cuba.  His art is colorful, fun and specifically spherical by design.  


“Born amid the turmoil of 1960’s Cuba, Godoy brings to his art the indelible stamp of his Caribbean homeland. Fleeing the oppression of the Castro regime in 1980, he retained the vivid imagery of my country’s people, customs, and landscapes. His art is a reflection of these influences.”  (Source:


Godoy’s paintings channel the rhythm of everyday Cuban life and culture, and portray a close affinity with his subjects. They also depict the wealth and depth of the diverse Hispanic culture, exposing every aspect of the Latino experience with themes ranging from indigenous and rural life of Colonial Latin America to contemporary images. Embracing these common-place yet lyrical themes, he relays the beauty of them using bold, vibrant, warm-hued, exotic imagery.  (Source:


His interpretation of post-modern primitivism is projected through the use of exaggerated volume, his signature style. At the heart of his work is one basic philosophy: that perfection is found in the spherical nature of the universe. The rotund figures in his paintings are the manifestation of this belief. (Source:


“At the heart of my work is one basic philosophy: that perfection is found in the spherical nature of the universe. The rotund figures in my paintings are the manifestation of this belief. Enjoy your visit.” – Godoy

What a nice man too! Super friendly and willing to answer all of my crazy questions! Thanks Mr. Godoy!  You can find Godoy Studio at Silver Street Studios at 2000 Edwards, Gate A, Studio 316, Houston, TX 77007 – 281/704-7000.

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