John Bernhard, International Artist, One Of His “Displaced” Collection Creations.

Meet Mr. John Bernhard…one of those few people who you meet and just instantly adore! Everything from his French/Swiss accent, to his generous laughter and easy-going manner.

The above photo shows John holding one of his “Displaced” pieces. 

“In this series, Displaced, I wanted to bring to attention not merely the homeless case but the death of american manufacturing. The loss of the manufacturing industry manifests itself most clearly in job losses. For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, fewer than ten percent of American workers are now employed in manufacturing, and as a consequence, we are now manufacturing homelessness.”

“In a collage process, I overlaid photographs of old manufacturing plants over faces of homeless men, which I photographed throughout the U.S. The final work is printed with archival Uv cured ink directly on metal sheets.”  

Prairie Fire – 1980 Mr. Bernhard’s “Skindream” series was featured (as shown) in LIFE Magazine in China.  He was supposed to be on the cover but was censored for nudity 🙁 

Artist, Bernhard is able to engage you from the moment you enter his studio!  He exudes vibrance and passion for the arts!! I insisted he grab the magazine he was featured in recently to pose in front of one of the pieces, though sadly, I caught too many reflections to adequately do the art justice.  Click here to see better photos!


Passing Passion
Part of the Blue Marble Collection

When you see this piece in person, the soulful eyes just grab you! It’s a breathtaking piece!  Since his premier solo exhibition in 1985 at The Houston Center for Photography, Mr. Bernhard has had 30+ solo shows, authored 9 books, 3 museum exhibits with numerous other collaborative exhibits throughout the US and Europe. His photographs are now permanent pieces in over 20 museums and countless publications!  However, you couldn’t find a more humble, fun-loving, non-arrogant man in Mr. Bernhard even with such success under his belt – how refreshing!

Mr. Michael Llewellyn beside his favorite John Bernhard creation shown, above right “Dream #5”

I’ll leave you with a quote from Bernhard…Making art has become the very core of my being—physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s more than a desire. It’s essential, like the necessity for air, food and water. I couldn’t survive long without the sustenance delivered by fulfilling this ultimate need to create. Nor, do I suppose, would I want to.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Mr. John Bernhard just as much as I did!

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