Houston’s Art Scene Comes Together

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What’s better on a hot, Houston day than being in cool air conditioning? Seeing great art with the A/C blowing! Here is a little overview of my visit to Sawyer Yards last “Second Saturdays”…. guess it’s art week here at Houston Photo Journey 🙂 ! It was just such a treat for the eyes and imagination that I had to take you with me!!!

Entering the Silver Street Studios Parking area (#Verny)

Fotofest had numerous artists featured throughout the gallery halls.  (Left to Right) Yen Pham, Helen Nguyen and Sarah Ansell – thanks for your helpful answers ladies!
Art of any imaginable sort was there!


I really enjoyed this piece by Martin Schoeller


These ladies were hilarious and just all around fun! From the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, (left to right) Ms. Adrianna Benavides and Ms. Ryah Barazi.


I mentioned to a nearby man how cool and different I thought these butterflies were – turns out I was speaking directly to the artist! Mr. Sam Steph – what a nice guy, so down to earth and easy to talk to!!  I wish I had a 3-D camera to capture the detail – great pieces!!! They are all very unique and just gorgeous.  I’m always drawn to conversational pieces and these certainly checked off that box! You can envision Sam Steph’s artwork in so many diverse settings!! 

Sam grew up in a small West Texas town, where the stark, picturesque surroundings fostered an appreciation for shape and form. His interest in design prompted him to study architecture at Texas Tech University.

Opportunities in the fashion industry lead Sam to travel and work in exotic locations and experience other cultures. His travels to Japan and Asia were to be of specific influence on his evolution as an artist. This exposure drew him to make the diverse urban setting of Houston Texas his home.

His techniques in woodworking and furniture-making are evident in his abstract creations.

“Reconstruction” is a word I’ve used to describe my style. As a child I was always taking things apart and rearranging them to suit my sensibility.”

To see more of Mr. Steph’s artwork visit www.artofsamsteph.com, via email at samsteph@me.com or the ever popular Facebook here!

Sadly, I didn’t get this gentlemen’s name who was showing everyone how to play these instruments
20170708-IMG_2552 (1)
I met T. Haven Morse, (pen name) – “a multi-genre writer of writer with a focus on writing poetry, stories, articles and essays that speak to the heart of readers” while visiting Mr. John Bernhard’s studio.  Can’t wait to read Flooded By!  Ms. Jody T. Morse additionally, is a Boutique Publisher at www.BountifulBalconyBooks.com

“I love artistic collaboration, that’s why I chose cover art for “Flooded By” from an artist I know, love, and wanted to celebrate. In the future, I hope to make all of my literary endeavors mashups between artists of varied mediums: words, visual arts, performing arts, and more. We, artists, have to stick together.” –  T. Haven Morse/Jody T. Morse

Please be sure to visit and learn more about Ms. Morse on her Amazon Author page, You can also read (listen to really :), this raw, real story I believe you will all enjoy as much as yours truly did at Winning Short Story: TEARS FOR MY BABY SISTER by Jody T. Morse.  “When in our twenties, my sister and I led very different lives. For instance, while I resided in Germany and toured Europe with a dance company, she happened to be a resident of the Kentucky State Penitentiary – for running a crystal meth lab. This story is of the first time I visited her in prison – how I felt and who we both were in that moment. This piece is about the triumph of sisterly love.”  (Source:  https://novelwritingfestival.com)

I was so tickled when Ms. Adrianna Benavides (left), hunted me down to give me a cute button pin she made using my business card! Thanks Adrianna!!! I’m rockin’ my button pin! 🙂 
Mixed Media Artist, Adriana LoRusso of Silver Street Studio #326 at 2000 Edwards Street, Houston, TX 77007 @alorusso in front of her latest piece titled “Journey”.


I don’t think I met a rude person the entire day and Ms. LoRusso was certainly no exception.  She has that same vibrance to her personality as her art! Doesn’t her art just make you happy??!
Ana Archer, Abstract Artist

Ms. Ana Archer’s art is wild, vivid and fun! I’m a big fan of bold colors!  Be sure to check out her website for a cool slideshow of her work!

I think her color choices are beautiful!
Ana Archer’s Studio (#323 of Silver Street Studios at 2000 Edwards St., Houston, TX 77007)
Lily Gavalas, Acrylic Artist in Studio #119 of Silver Street Studios was simply enjoying playing her piano as I entered her studio full of adorable painted pet portraits and more. 



Lily says, “My rule for my art is that the style and execution should capture the inner life, personality, or mood of the subject.” (Source:  lilygavalas.com)


I certainly wasn’t alone in my art stroll but it was never uncomfortably packed!


Hoooo (ha!) doesn’t love Owls?!
Loved this mural!
Great shadow on the mural too!
Art was everywhere! @treesmcgee


Time to go now but “stay tuned” for more! Thanks so much for stopping over!!!

Elizabeth and Max

P.S. Just my own opinions, haven’t been paid, etc. for reviewing, or whatever 🙂 Never met these artist before, just happy I did 🙂 ,,, I MUST work on disclaimer etiquette! 🙂 The ad you see at the bottom, I offered to place on my blog free as I believe Houston needs a magazine like this one (more on that later).




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    1. Yes, loved all of the art I put on here! It really is true that there is just a ton of things to do and see here – just have to hop in the car and go! Thanks so much for taking the time to read 😄

  1. Nice review. Looks like a fun day. I have been talking with S about getting out to some gallery openings. When I do, I might try my hand at a review like this. This is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so unbelievable so!! I just had the BEST time meeting all of these wonderfully talented artists!!! Not a rude or unkind person in the bunch! Such a treat for the eyes!!

    1. So happy I did and had the opportunity to meet you and some of the other amazing artist there! You’re work is just incredible!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I stopped mid-stride when I saw Artist, Sam Steph’s butterflies! And yes, he’s a nice looking man, but so genuine too!!
      By the way I loved your story – you’re always a so funny! Can’t wait to see what you’ll write next!

    1. Liked meeting you too! I hope more people will discover you and the other artists there at Sawyer Yards!

  2. What a celebration of life and art this post is! All things to all people, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing. I have to say that Houston certainly seems to have plenty to recommend it. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks! I really have the best time seeing all the great artworks and meeting a lot of the artists!!!

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