Diane Gelman – Visual Artist At The Silos Sawyer Yards In Houston, Texas

I like fun and whimsical….that is exactly what you will find in Diane Gelman’s studio at The Silos at Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas at 1502 Sawyer Street, Studio 209, Houston, TX 77007 and did I mention mad talent? Yep…that too! 🙂 


Mark your calendar’s fellow Houstonians, Ms. Gelman will hold a solo show at Kam’s Restaurant, Houston Texas from June 20 – August 8, 2017.  (Note:  Artist Reception is Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 4pm-6pm).

I asked Ms. Gelman, are there any creations you just can’t seem to part with, as I’m always curious.
“Yes, I actually have a few pieces of art that I hate to part with!  One of them was this painting, called Autumn Leaf Girl.  She reminds me so much of my Mother as a little girl that I hate to part with her.”
Autumn Leaf Girl, 24_h x 36_ w Acrylic on canvas with oil glazes, $2000.jpg
What’s been your proudest accomplsihment to date?
“My proudest art accomplishment to date is having a studio to create art.  Ever since I graduated from Glassell in 2012, I had been creating my artwork in my kitchen.  Since I also love to entertain, I’d regularly have to gather up my work & art supplies and stash them in a closet- so they’d be out of sight.  It was a frustrating arrangement.  I had my first solo show at a restaurant last summer and sold enough pieces then which led to making the leap to renting a studio!”
How about a memorable art story?
A memorable art story for me occurred several months ago, when the super bowl was being held in Houston.  A party was being held in the parking lot just outside of the Silos, the building where my studio is located.  We were told to keep our door closed during the festivities.  In spite of the rules, my roommate, Lynn kept our door open for ventilation for her encaustic (melted wax) artwork.  Lots of partygoers entered our building to use the restrooms and stopped in to our studio to ask directions.  My roommate actually took some visitors to the restroom.  On her way back, she noticed other visitors looking at my artwork that was on display in the hallway and directed them into our studio. (Thank you Lynn!!!)  They bought three pieces featuring my custom-made giant candy bars (a diptych and another painting) from me – then and there!  (photos below).
Tootsie Pop-Pop, 33_h x 28_w, Acrylic on canvas with collage (paper, foam attached secondary canvases, plastic, faux gold leaf)SOLD.jpg
Tootsie Pop-pop
“I have always loved food.  I started cooking when I was very young.  In fact, a neighbor hired me as a caterer when I was about 13.  I always felt the need to create things and turned to food as a creative outlet.  In College, I was encouraged by an academic advisor to go into Dietetics, since options for a career in Food were fairly limited then.  I earned a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and became a registered, Licensed Dietitian.   I had many jobs as a Dietitian and often managed to add creative elements to my work, since I enjoyed that so much.  I worked at a Diet program at Duke University when we lived in North Carolina, during my husband’s medical training.  While there, I initiated a low-fat, low-calorie cooking school for our patients since there were such limited resources on the subject at the time.  
I’m married to Ben Gelman.  We’ll be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary in a month.  We met in Organic Chemistry class at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  I spotted him on the first day of class and was instantly smitten.  I looked for him on the second day of class and sat right next to him (walking in front of him to do so!) Then I asked him to help me study Organic chemistry, claiming that I didn’t understand a thing – which was true!  
I am a mixed media artist, layering together images, designs and colors.  I often combine paint with college elements, integrating the paint and collage to form a cohesive complete whole.  Much of my artwork is about the glories of gorgeous food.  I have been exploring the concept of food popping off the canvas with an innovative series of pop art pieces as well as inspiring scenes from Nature, and interesting people and children.  I have shown my work extensively with the Visual Arts Alliance of Houston and was awarded the Frank Garriet’s Purchase Prize from the Beaumont Art League’s 2014 National 52nd Annual Juried Exhibition and the Juror’s Choice award in the Sugarland Art Center 2016 Juried Competition. “
All American
Betsy’s Diner

Hope you liked getting to know Diane Gelman just as much as I did! Have a beautiful today and thanks for visiting!

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