Three Dimensional Visions and Carol Simon Studio in Houston, Texas

I’d like to call my guests today the Queens of Glass! Meet Ms. Sally Pennington Moore, Artist and Owner of Three Dimensional Visions and Ms. Carol Simon, Artist of Carol Simon Studio.  You’ll soon see why I want to call them Queens of Glass!!!

Sally Pennington Moore, Artist and Owner of Three Dimensional Visions with “Summer Skies”-Artist, Patrick Kerry Brown

Three Dimensional Visions, Owner and Artist Sally Pennington Moore has plenty to be proud of as a business woman and artist.  Prior to Three Dimensional Visions Ms. Pennington Moore was a Geoscientist and is also a Certified Yoga Instructor!  Talk about diverse!  While Sally has permanent installations Three Dimensional Visions glass art at their Showroom Studio & Gallery located at 17442 FM 2920 and their gallery space in the Washington Avenue Arts District, #207 The Silos, they are also the only “open access glass blowing studio” in Houston!

What’s Sally Pennington Moore’s personal motto?? “Live in the moment for it is all you have.”

Margarita Vase

Three Dimensional Visions also offers various glass blowing classes and experiences! Yea! I’ll be attending one very soon!!

Now let’s meet Ms. Carol Simon…Ms. Pennington Moore and Ms. Simon share a studio at 1502 Sawyer Street, Studio 207, Houston, TX 77007

Artist, Carol Simon in front of one of her  alcohol ink paintings “The Colourful Wave”

Carol is a rarity here in Houston….she’s a native!!  Ms. Simon is married to Ken Simon and has 2 grown daughters , Lauren and Stephanie and 3 adorable dogs, Pebbles, Lexie and Piper. I would HIGHLY encourage you to visit her website to see her in action and watch as she creates one of these gorgeous creations! Ms. Simon’s future event schedule is also on her site. 

Aren’t they stunning?! 

Carol Simon is leading a community wide public art Installation, First Ward is Blooming, by using 10,000 up-cycled water bottles, brightly painted and cut into flowers, swirls and twirls and turning them into a garden that will never die. “I wanted to make something beautiful out of something ugly,” Simon said, “I see it as a community saving the environment and beautifying a Houston neighborhood”.  

The project’s purpose is to grow a community spirit around the arts and the First Ward of Houston Neighborhood, a once dilapidated historical neighborhood by covering an old 150 Ft. chain link fence near railroad tracks on an abandoned elementary school on the corner of the busy intersection of Houston Avenue and Edwards Street.  I have invited and encouraged the entire community, young kids to senior citizens and everyone in between to participate in the installation by collecting bottles and attending volunteer community work events at my studio on the Second Saturday of each month until completion from 9-11am and 4th Wednesday from 6-8pm to remove labels, paint and cut the bottles. The fence is expected to be filled with blooms by the end of 2017. 


Carol Simon was instrumental in the upcycling of these plastic bottles for this First Ward beatification project.
This is in front of  Houston Avenue and Edwards Street – in front of the abandoned elementary school
I’m sure the neighborhood children love seeing the brightly colored addition that continues to grow every few feet!

Hope you had fun getting to know these two ladies – I sure did!

Elizabeth and Max


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  1. Great post and yes it was joyful getting to know these ladies. It never ceases to amaze us the talents people have outside their job. I guess some of the fun in what you are doing is exposing those talents for all to see and take note of what talents we may have that are yet to be revealed.

    1. Well said my friend! Thanks so much for leaving comments – you’re always so postive and encouraging 😄

      1. You are welcome. Its nice seeing encouraging post like yours that showcases peoples efforts and accomplishments. Keep it up, please. People often tell their stories through their work and its great hearing your story through your work.

    1. It is REALLY something else to see it in person!!! I was in awe of it too! Brilliant!! We both must just have incredible taste 🙂

  2. There is a glass museum in Tacoma Washington. Some great masterpieces on display there. I have a brother living in the area. If you travel to Seattle, it would be worth the drive down to see. Thanks for sharing more local artist.

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