Random Shots Around Houston

Time for a photo “roundup”… it’s so unique to Houston to be able to have a bustling city atmosphere and then 3 minutes later see Longhorns – gotta love Houston! 🙂 



All photos above taken by Bear Creek Pioneers Park’s Community Center


Dinner time for this Mockingbird


I’m not really sure if this is a Red Cardinal or not but I thought it was really pretty-If YOU know what it is, please tell me! 


As y’all know, The Northern Red Cardinal (males) are my favorites…I love their curious and bold personalities too!


To me, there is just something magical about Red Cardinals!!


Love when I can see one of them mid-wardrobe change 🙂 


These are one of the few birds that will still come and feed regardless of how close by I am with my camera.  Love how they will reposition themselves too just to check out what I am doing or watch Max in the backyard.


Apologize for a lot of the photos here that are too dark, etc. but I thought…what the heck, if you’re a fellow bird lover and you don’t get to see these guys typically where you live, then you still might get a kick out of seeing them. (American White Ibis)


This struck me as odd as most of the Ibis have bright blue eyes-his were almost black.


When I usually see these guys, they are looking very intense and honestly, are way more pretty in color but I kinda liked this one’s almost calico look.


I know this is NOT a typical, beautiful photo of a Snowy Egret looking all pure white and regal but I thought it was funny how dirty looking this one was!


Those  eyes look like they will pierce your soul!!! (Great Blue Heron)


Guess using a tripod on this one did make a big difference in clarity (I think I shake too much :))  (Black capped chickadee)IMG_3004

I swear there is this one Northern Cardinal (female) that is always stopping by and making silly faces at me.IMG_2906

These might be viewed as “boring” to many as there are TONS of these guys but to me, they are gorgeous and I love listening to their very odd noises!IMG_3211IMG_2846IMG_3150

Hello Mr. Bluejay! I think you’re funny because you are soooo aggressive in trying to scare the other birds in my backyard but let me come outside and you fly away faster than any of the rest! 


This one just chased off a Red Cardinal – bully! 🙂 


Maybe he’s just having a bad hair day!


Urrrrr…. I was soooo upset that I just couldn’t focus fast enough to grab this one correctly but still beautiful!! (Pileated Woodpecker) Interesting that they typical dig out rectangular holes in search of carpenter ants rather than circular ones.


Two Mississippi Kites


My precious little pup and co-author – Max! Isn’t he the cutest??! I love this guy sooooo much!!!

Have a beautiful today!!!

Elizabeth and Max


24 thoughts on “Random Shots Around Houston”

  1. Now these are some precious images. Liked all the images but the Northern Cardinal that is always stopping by and making silly faces is great. Its coming out of a trash barrel and looks like it had been in awhile, lol. Was it a homeless one?

    1. Ha! Yes, it’s probably my favorite visitor as I swear it has to be the same bird!! She always seems to look a hot mess but it’s super funny to watch her! I’ve nicknamed her “Beautiful Disaster” 🙂 She’s extra noisy too!

    1. Thanks a bunch John! Yes, I love that little guy something fierce! I set out to get a medium-large girl dog but got my little 10 lb boy Max instead! So happy to be his fur ever mom!

    1. Thanks! Yes I’m pretty fortunate that I get a decent variety but you know how it is-I want to see a bunch! 😊thanks for your words!

    1. I love Houston but just not the current heat and humidity! I’d love to be in Colorado right now! Aw thanks – I do love me some Max! He constantly keeps me laughing with his personality!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I think you are right, that one photo is of a cardinal that is changing. Did you know that Cardinals mate for life? We have a couple that visit us around sundown. They sit in the oak tree and when the bird bath is free from the other birds, they come down. I love their chirp. I use to have a pair of mourning doves that hung around my house. Love hearing their song. I haven’t seen or heard them in a year or more. Love you pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Chuck, I was sure about the other but this one was so odd and I could never see the top feather thing they have on their head so was unsure. Oh I didn’t know they had soulmates – thanks for telling me and confirming it was just a changing cardinal. Both cardinal and mourning doves sounds I like but cardinals just always seem happy, mischievous and fun. Thanks for commenting!

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