Lynn Hogan – Encaustic Artist at The Silos in Sawyer Yards, Houston, Texas

Today’s featured Artist is Ms. Lynn Hogan. I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Hogan at one of the recent “Second Saturdays” at Sawyer Yards in The Silos Studios.


“Seeds” is on its way to Touchstone Gallery in Washington, D.C. for The Art of Engagement juried exhibition – no small feat (I KNEW I had a good eye for art :)) ! To see more of Lynn Hogan’s works go to her Facebook Site. 

After learning Ms. Hogan is an “encaustic” artist, I had to ask … what that meant and how she became one” 🙂 ???  

“I’ve always been a crafter and considered artsy by others –  volunteering for our daughter’s school  and our church decorating committees; putting up the seasonal bulletin boards at work; and making my own linoleum block print Christmas cards for many years. Here in Houston I took drawing and print making classes at Glassell and  I made it a habit to find at least one formal  art class a year to attend.
About 5 years ago, I could not find a class I really wanted to take  at any of the big name craft courses offered throughout the country. I googled art camps and found a week-long immersion course in encaustics in a town just outside of Seattle. One of the instructors was artist Michelle Belto of San Antonio.  Since we were acquainted and I had a dear friend in nearby Whidby Island, I thought the worst that could happen is I could see friends.
Encausticamp is the brain child of encaustic artist Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. A week-long intensive program that was great fun, with great artists and I was hooked.  The immediacy , the malleability of encaustic, and the community bonded by this medium sang to me.
Encaustic is an ancient art form. Lifelike portraits exist in museums now which were painted at the time the Romans occupied Egypt.  The actual medium is a melted mixture of Damar resin ( from a tree) and 100% beeswax. The Damar raises the melting temperature of the wax and hardens it when it cools. It can be used clear and  colored by translucent or opaque pigments and each applied layer is fused to the one beneath it using a heat source. It can be further enhanced using oil paint sticks or Pan Pastels for instance.
For me encaustic is unifying, peace bringing, warm and wonderful.”
Untitled 5
Lynn Hogan’s proudest accomplishment?
The creation of our daughter. And on the other hand selling my first piece one year ago when I retired from nursing. I had only recently rented a studio in The Silos on Sawyer, and WOW! my first sale, ever.
Untitled 4
Now we’ll hear a “memorable art story”…
“I am a retired Navy Nurse Corps officer. Years ago, as an OR technician instructor I was trying to explain the use of complex positioning hardware used at the time for brain surgery to a student. In doing so, I drew a little sketch of a patient with hardware in place on a scrap of paper.  After the case, emptying my pockets, I looked at it, and thought that was sort of artistic. I have it to this day and it makes me smile.”
Ms. Hogan is a registered nurse, retiring about two years ago from a Kelsey-Seybold position at the clinic at Johnson Space Center. She has had a working studio at The Silos for just over a year.  Lynn is married to Mr. George Hogan and they just celebrated their 28th anniversary! He is a mechanical engineer project manager for Oceaneering Space Systems.  They met singing in a tiny church choir in New Bern, North Carolina. He is from San Antonio, TX and she is originally from Minnesota but their jobs at the time put them both in New Bern. They have a daughter Kaitlyn who resides in Austin. She is the marketing lead for the start-up fashion accessory company Brut and Bubbly. Both are completely supportive of Lynn’s foray into the practice of art.
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I’ll leave you with Ms. Hogan’s answer to my questions, What would you like readers to know?
“You are never too old to be what you want to be when you grow  up! Trust your positive inner voice and ignore the one which tells you all the reasons why you can’t do something. If it makes you happy to do art, then do art.  If your work resonates with someone to the extent they take it home, accept  graciously, and figure out what goes  next into the blank space on the studio wall!
I would also like readers to know that The Sawyer Yards art campus is one of the premier artist’s communities  in the United States. Well designed , with vision and leadership, it is the jewel in the Washington Art’s District’s crown. Where else can you go every Second Saturday or  during the week and meet real working artists, talk to them, see how they think, observe their techniques and go home with original works? The Silos, once a home to rice packaging and distribution, now houses my studio and about 90 others, retail, and other businesses. Our interior hallway walls showcase exhibitions of art created by in-house artists as well as collections  from other curators. We are accessible during normal working hours by way of the Sawyer Street front door.”
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read and all of your support! I appreciate each and every view and comment!
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    1. I keep staring at the turquoise one to the left of her face as I thought the color choices were gorgeous but I love the ones you did to – Ha ha ha!😄! We seem so similar in a lot of our taste.

      1. I know, right?
        I guess we do have exact choices.
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      5. I’ll keep your whole family in my prayers!!! Would love to see an emailed photo!!!

  1. I have known Lynn for over 30 years and I am so glad that so many others are getting to know and love Lynn through her art. She has the soul of an artist and the commitment of a social justice advocate, this is a very rare combination. Count your blessings Houstonians, grace has landed at your doorstep.

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