Time For A Mini Road Trip and Buc-ee’s

My beautiful, and perfect in every way, niece is getting married at the end of September! I absolutely adore her and yea, also her wonderful fiancée! He’s the perfect choice for her and vice versa – what a HUGE blessing! Anyway, that said, lots to still do to prepare for the big day! So Saturday afternoon I headed off on a mini road trip to Corpus Christi, Texas to see the venue which is gorgeous, and help organize some of the details.  If I had my car, I could make it there easily in 3 hours but my car’s air conditioning went out the day before, of course :), but I was lucky enough to be able to use my ex’s work truck instead that DOES have a/c – a MUST here in Houston in the summer, but the little Toyota truck doesn’t go very fast (probably a good thing as I tend to have a lead foot) !

Off I go…but every road trip you have to do pit stops and Buc-ee’s is a great stopping point and like their funny billboard say…they have super clean restrooms, even won Cleanest Restrooms Award by Cintas’ nationwide! – but wait…there’s more….

Stopped at the Buc-ee’s in Wharton, Texas on Hwy 59
Buc-ee’s is gianormous!!! (guessing each location has around 60+ gas pumps and 80 restrooms)

Gotta take the required photo of the beaver! Buc-ee’s was named after one of the owner’s childhood dogs 🙂 
Not a great bunch of photos but I wanted to show you the TON of items they have inside!! Note:  I REALLY wanted to show y’all the clean restrooms but thought that probably was not ok so you’re going to have to trust me that they are always sparkling clean and you will NEVER have to wait in line – yea!!!
You can order food or choose directly from the counter space – do try their beef jerky – yum! This trip though, I got a prepackaged cup with pretzel sticks, cheese and peppered turkey – pretty darn good I must say!
All kinds of Texas items are all over the place!!
My warped sense of humor got a kick out of this sign that is a take off on historical site signage
Hard for me to resist the bird houses but I fought the urge and won! 🙂 
Ya HAVE to own at least ONE Buc-ee’s T-Shirt!
Need a baby shower gift? Baby spit up and you need a fresh outfit? Yep – here ya go!
Camping? picnicking? 
Have a dog as awesome as Max??? (No, you CAN’T claim that one as Max is the best pup in the ENTIRE world!!! (Ok, I MAY be SLIGHLY partial to him). Yes, he already has a Buc-ee’s T-Shirt!
There is always a new selection of T-Shirts!
See how giant their stores are?!!
Texas Pride everywhere!
For those of you non-Texans – this is a takeoff on “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You“.  The song is also the spirit song from the University of Texas at Austin and also, University of Texas at El Paso.

(source:  YouTube by wildcardfoxy)

Hope ya enjoyed our Buc-ee’s pit stop. Onward we go…

Thanks for stopping by!!

Elizabeth and Max

10 thoughts on “Time For A Mini Road Trip and Buc-ee’s”

    1. Katy is actually going to have a Buc-ee’s soon too! I wish I had one by my house!! I love them too!

  1. We love places like this. When we’re on the road they are a God send to stop and stretch your legs. You can always count on a clean restroom, good snacks, gas pumps that work, etc. We’ve never seen this brand though but now when we do we’ll use it thanks to you.

    1. I was tempted to get one for my house but I need to declutter more than add stuff to my house or I sooo would have bought it!

      1. It just seems overwhelming to go through and declutter but I am trying to make a list and knock out a room a week 🙂

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