Harbor Point Park in Aransas Pass, Texas

After meeting up with my niece in Corpus Christi about her upcoming wedding, it was sadly time to head home…but wait…I saw a sign for a park….(swerve….) so let’s visit Harbor Point Park in Aransas Pass, Texas!  I’d say it was “on the way home” but only if you plan on a round-about way…oh well…still…

What an awesome park for fishing!

This was a fun little discovery


This memorial was built to honor Granville Elias “Bill” Minter, founder of the shrimp industry (Jun. 27, 1881-May 18, 1965), and those lost at sea. 

What a pretty and unexpected find.

When I arrived, the sky looked pretty good, wasn’t long before a little rain came in.

There were about a billion of these seagulls running around and in the air!!
I thought for sure, there was about to be a missing seagull, but he just barely missed the pelican!
I could just sit here and listen to the birds and water all day…but had to get back on the road.
For such a large bird, these pelican’s are pretty darn agile!
Coming in for a landing
I’d LOVE to be able to fly!! Just sayin’
Seemed like they were haviung a gab fest or something!
I’d sort of like to know if birds ever have fender benders?
Wow – look at that throat pouch!!



(Source:  YouTube – Pelican Eating Fish by Hampus Romu-Widell)IMG_3698

Time to go…weather is starting to turn yucky


Reminds me of the time I took both kids to Astroworld (an amusement park), as there were just us 3, we’d take turns riding with each other to be fair. Once my son ended up having to ride the Wagon Wheel with a stranger.  He was a man of about 40 who had the unlucky chair choice that when the ride began, my son would be slammed into the man for the entire ride.  As me and my daughter sat 2 rows behind, we couldn’t stop laughing hytercially as my young son extended both of his arms (forming a T), and was screaming with joy, “I’m a bird, I’m a bird…look at me flying!” OVER and OVER throughout the ride!! We STILL feel sorry for that poor man!! 🙂 


“I’m a bird, I’m a bird!” 🙂  🙂 



That’s a wrap on Harbor Point Park! Stay tuned for more adventure 🙂 and thank you all for reading 🙂 

Elizabeth and Max


20 thoughts on “Harbor Point Park in Aransas Pass, Texas”

    1. Thanks for the compliment and yes, I hold that memory so close to my heart! One of those forever burned into my brain and always makes me smile to remember that moment!

      1. Best thing I ever did in my life was having my two little blessings!!! You sound like a wonderful parent too!

    1. It was really a nice place to just chill for a little bit. I want to go back there sometime when I am not as pressed for time as I really found that I enjoyed the whole area!

    1. So tell me, are there some places in Port Arthur I should be checking out??? Love to hear any recommendations or anything else you can think of!

      1. Oh, still – any other places to visit in Texas are always welcome suggestions for me!

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I’ve been to that memorial a hundred years ago. It was back in the days when I was a funeral director. I want to say there was a city cemetery located nearby. I brought a graveside service from San Antonio to Aransas Pass. I too love watching pelicans. We have them over here in Florida, but I think they are a different type than those in your picture. I’m not sure ours are as big. Well….you know everything in Texas is bigger and better. 🙂

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